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Electric Cooker - 1.8 Litres - White by Koryo

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Cooking Rice is no longer a tedious job, thanks to the unique performance of the Koryo KEC 1812 Electric cooker. While, it outer body seems very cool and exotic to furnish your home decor, the inner side of the Koryo Electric cooker is coated with a Teflon non-stick material, which allows you to cook and steam rice and other foods quickly, evenly and properly. Along with the main cooker, comes a measuring cup to help you keep track of how much food is needed and a spatula to mix all the ingredients and form the journey to ultimate heaven.The Dashboard of Koryos Electric cooker is so simple and easy to use, that cooking is just a matter of pushing a button. Where storage is concerned, this particular electric cooker consists of a detachable cord for easy storage. Additional features include a cook and keep warm function to store the food in the cooker, warm and as long as you like, with a capacity of about 1.8 Litres.The Koryo KEC 1812 Electric cooker operates on a power consumption of 650 W and comes with a 1 year warranty.


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