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What exactly a bar cabinet is and why do you need one

A sleek and sophisticated bar cabinet is a piece of furniture that is dedicated to storing drinks and related paraphernalia. It is a unique addition to your home but it is still an essential one if you’re the type of person that hosts friends and family often. A home bar cabinet is a way to store all your party must-haves in a place that’s stylish yet functional. When you buy a bar cabinet or a set of bar stools online, you're adding a piece of furniture to your home that will immediately add some glamour to your living or dining area and spruce up the space you are placing it in. You may choose from a range of various bar cabinet designs on HomeTown, each with its own set of distinct traits and characteristics.

What should I put in a bar unit for my home?

The ideal bar unit is the one that is always stocked! Make sure your bar cabinet is always full to the brim with all sorts of glassware, drinks and snacks, especially when you’re hosting along with miscellaneous items such as napkins, tissues, coasters etc. You can ensure stocking an enviable collection of liquor that are latest, high quality and of refined versions. Make sure to also add lots of mixers to your home bar cabinet and handy snacks to munch on that complete the purpose and setting of a bar cabinet. This will be extremely convenient during times of elaborate hosting of friends and family. You can invest in quality cutlery that’s suited to the rest of your bar. Once you have all these essentials in place, your bar unit is all set to host!

Choose how you want your bar space to look with various design styles

You can choose how you want your home bar cabinet to look. The look and feel of the bar can match the rest of the interior theme of your house or it can make a bold statement by going contrast. You can go for a modern, traditional or transitional look, depending on your taste! A great idea is to use mirror or glass backdrops to boost the sophistication of your home bar. You can customize your bar unit as per your spatial and storage requirements. For instance, you can have a common theme running through all your elements in terms of materiality or simply opt for the same colour scheme for the entire space. The positioning of your home bar is equally vital. A good home bar unit and bar chairs and stools can be strategically positioned near the living room or the kitchen, so it is easier for you to coordinate during gatherings! You can add spare shelves in the bar to increase storage space for your glasses and other bar accessories. The add-ons are essential in a home bar! This includes cigars, cigar boxes, ashtrays, bottle openers, or unique glasses which you can show to your guests, making for fun conversation starters.

Choose a stylish and fashionable bar unit that is on-trend

Keep in mind trends and currently relevant fashion-forward furniture! HomeTown offers products that are as functional as they are fashionable. Make sure to invest in something that will stand out and look good, but also last long and work with the rest of your scheme. You can choose to take a maximal approach and opt for something over the top and extravagant but you could also choose to take a muted approach and invest in something that’s more subtle and suited to finer tastes.

How much money should I spend on a bar unit?

There are elaborate as well as minimal options depending upon your budget. To pick a bar unit for your home and bar stools that blend in seamlessly with the rest of your furniture you will need to match colour, tone, material, and even style. A bar unit or bar chair price depends completely on the option you go for. Larger, and more ornate picks will generally be a bit more costly but even the cheaper and less expensive options are sure to offer you a bang for your buck. The most important thing is to pick something you’re truly happy and satisfied with since this is a furniture piece that can act functional when necessary or simply stand out as a statement piece that takes your home décor a notch higher.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the best fitting bar cabinet and bar stool set for me?

- Note down your requirements and then decide on whether you value aesthetics or functionality. They’re both valid things to keep in mind. Then pick a style that reflects your personality and that also matches the rest of the decor in your dining and living room or wherever you’re looking to place the unit. After that, you can get into the nitty-gritties of size, colour, shape, and more.

What do I store in a bar unit?

- A bar unit is a multifunctional piece of furniture with a whole lot of space to store lots of things. You must use it for your alcohol, mixers, silverware, glasses, and more.

Where do I place my bar unit?

- Make sure you account for and take into consideration the exact place or room where you would like to place your bar cabinet. Bigger bar cabinets will be ideal for spacious living rooms and dining rooms, while smaller and more tiny bar units can be placed in small corners and nooks.

What styles can I purchase?

Your bar unit style is a total reflection of your personality and preferences. If you’re someone that’s a maximalist make sure to play with lots of shapely options but if you’re fond of minimal accents you can settle for something toned down. HomeTown’s curation has something for every single one out there!

How can I style my bar unit and stool set?

- It’s important to keep your units looking nice and fancy since a lot of guests will be seeing and using them. There are many ways in which you can style yours. Make sure to not shy away from a pop of colour, especially if you have a minimal and muted dining area or living space. Contrast broody tones with fancy neons and dopamine brights.

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