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A constant companion and one of the most admired pieces of furniture in any house is the bed. It is that one piece of furniture you intend to turn to after a hard day at work; a place where you start and end your day. Offering the immense luxuries of comfort, warmth and peace, a bed plays a crucial role in enhancing our well-being. A good night’s sleep is visibly reflected in the next day’s productivity. A good bed design not only offers a good eight-hour sleep but it also eliminates backaches and builds a distinct ambience in the bedroom. Encompassing the essence of a true sanctuary, the bed is a place where you recharge yourself. Gone are the days when a bed played the role of a simple, bulky surface for us to sleep on. Today, beds are available in a wide variety of designs, shapes, sizes and materials, which often confuses the buyer. Bed designs are receptive these days and it is important you keep in mind a few aspects of bed designs before you finalise on your comforting piece of furniture.

- What bed design are you specifically looking for?

- Will it accommodate the number of people you intend to buy it for?

- Does the selected bed design fit well in your bedroom?

- Does the frame design and colour match your bedroom interiors and your comfort?

- What specific material are you looking for when you are planning to buy a bed?

- Does the bed design fall into your budget?


Bed being the favourite piece of furniture in your bedroom, it encompasses the essence of a sanctuary. An ultimate comfort piece of furniture, the bed plays an important role in our lives. It is a place where we spend most of our time relaxing and rejuvenating. Hence, it is of utter importance to buy a bed of top-notch quality and comfort, with regards to the decor needs of the space.

One needs to understand bed design before picking one. A bed design not only helps in understanding the amount of space it would occupy in a given area but it would also give the idea of how many people it can accommodate. Single and queen size beds are best suited for smaller rooms. However, a queen size accommodates two people decently. Materials subtly resonate the aesthetical function of the bed such as wood and metal transforms the mood of the room by making it more appealing. The functionality of the bed design should also be considered. Innovative, multipurpose and space saving furniture are in demand today. A storage bed offers space underneath to store items while a daybed serves its multipurpose by transforming as a chaise, lounge and bed.


Although a bed is the most important piece of bedroom furniture, we tend to overlook its features and underestimate its ability. Many are simply unaware of the variety of options that are easily available in the market or are extremely hesitant to buy a bed online. The first image that pops into your head when you think of a bed design is quite standard in terms of its size, shape and pattern. However, there is a wide variety of bed designs available in the market comprising different sizes, shapes, features and comfort levels. Besides, online shopping today is a different game altogether.

Welcome to HomeTown’s extensive gallery of aesthetically appealing and ergonomically-built beds. With our humongous spectrum of bed designs, we aim to break down your bed online shopping experience by its size, material and features.

Storage bed

Often encased in real or faux leather, storage beds double up as a bed and a storage unit. By lifting up the portion of the bed, the huge space underneath offers enough room for storage. Other than offering smart storage solutions to consumers, these beds are also sturdy and comfortable.

King size bed

Although the same length as the queen bed, the king size bed is much wider with an additional 16 inches in width. King size beds are best suited for adults who often share their bed with kids or pets.

Queen size bed

One of the most popular bed types available today, the queen size bed can perfectly accommodate two people and fit well in compact spaces. The queen mattress is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. A queen bed is well suited in a master bedroom of minimum 10X10 ft.

Four poster bed

Drawing inspiration from the 1700s New England era, these beds are traditional-style ones featuring long wooden poles to support the upper shade. Single or framed with a canopy, its posts come in a variety of shapes and sizes and bring a royal touch to your home.

Platform or panel bed

Made of flat, tall panels of wood for headboard and footboard, platform or panel boards are divided into sections with moulding such as a wall panel. The wooden slats provide ideal support to the mattress, thereby eliminating the need for bulky box springs. Catering to a minimalist lifestyle, this bed design also offers ventilation to the mattress and keeps them in a good shape.


Resembling a sofa bed, these beds serve as single/guest beds. Structurally shaped in a cross between a couch, chaise, lounge and a bed, daybeds serve the purpose of sleeping, lounging, reclining and sitting on it. Constructed with wood or metal, these beds are wrapped with fabric or leather.

Cot bed

On account of its easy built structure and lightness, these beds are portable and can be stored when not in use. All one has to do is fold it open to use. Cot beds come handy when you have unexpected visitors who plan to stay overnight.

Sleigh bed

Roughly based on the design structure of a sleigh, the sleigh bed comes with a rolled up head and footboard. These beds are designed with intricate sleek curves with a slender look. Generally crafted out of heavy wood, these beds are also available in a variety of materials such aluminium, steel, etc. These beds encapsulate the 19th century French elegant vibe and make a bold statement.

Futon bed

Majorly inspired by the traditional Japanese style of bedding that is perfect for small rooms, the futon bed is quite similar to a daybed. Since it is a folding bed, it can be easily stored and it also doubles up as a couch.


Although the bedroom is not often seen by visitors, it is one of the most important spaces of the house where you plan to relax. Despite being the most comfortable space in a house, the bedroom furniture is often neglected, especially the bed design. We fail to understand that a bed does more than offer a good night’s sleep. It simultaneously complements the bedroom’s interiors. Buying a bed that not only looks appealing but also uplifts your well-being can be challenging.

Now that you are sure of the bed design, it is of utter importance to pick the right material for your bed, keeping in mind the interiors of your space. To ease your hunt, buy a bed online at HomeTown which features some of the most popular beds in terms of colours and materials.

Wooden bed

One of the most common and preferred materials for bed design is wood. Beds made out of wood can be carved, cut, painted, etc, and offer a rustic, vintage and cottage-like appeal.

Wrought iron and metal

Durable and sturdy, the wrought iron-made bed is simple yet elegant featuring iron frame scrolled design in the head and footboard; whereas the metal-framed beds are inexpensive and quite common. Much lighter than wrought iron bed, metal frame beds are easier to move around and are adjustable. Generally, these beds come with bars that support the mattress but they also come with box springs.


Often used for outdoor seating, these days wicker is also used in bed on account of its sturdiness and lightweight. Woven together, the wicker material offers a country-like look to your interiors.


Available in a variety of shapes and styles, brass-framed beds offer an elegant look and are sturdy and lightweight. These frames often come in vertical bars or curved head and footboard.


Encompassing intricate details, ornate bed frames are available in a variety of sizes. Their Victorian appeal adds a touch of elegance to any bedroom.


Adding a touch of decorative, luxurious touch to the bedroom, upholstered bed is soft and features a buttoned look. They are not only stunning but also make sitting up in bed much more comfortable.


1. What is the normal size of a bed?

- The standard size of a bed is 91 cm × 198 cm (36 in × 78 in).

2. Which type of wood is best for bed?

- There are a variety of wooden bed designs that are available in the market. From mahogany to teak and oak, many different types of wood are used for bed design.

3. Which bed design is well suited for a small bedroom?

- One can go for a queen size bed for compact rooms. However, a daybed or a single bed is ideal for smaller bedrooms.

4. How do I measure my bed size?

- To measure the bed accurately, it is important that you strip the bed of all bedding. Use a retractable measuring tape. Place one end of the measuring tape at the left side of the bed and now pull the tape out till it reaches the right edge of the bed. Note down its measurement. Now place the measuring tape in the centre of the bed and pull it down from the top to the bottom and note down its measurement. These measurements will help in determining the size of the bed.


HomeTown understands that sleep is a luxury, and this is precisely why we offer a finely curated assortment of bed designs crafted from the finest materials. From a daybed for your compact room to a luxurious king-sized bed design for your spacious bedroom, from finely crafted wooden bed to ergonomic hydraulic bed design, HomeTown is your one-stop destination for beds.

When it comes to buying a bed online it is always advisable to pick the latest bed design which would also complement your bedroom interiors. Right from a single bed to king size bed, each bed is designed keeping in mind its specific use. Bed designs are available in intricate frameworks to minimalist designs, standard frames fashioned in abundant materials and patterns.

Bed online shopping may sound tricky but we have got your back. We offer smooth online services such as cashless transactions, free home delivery and customer-friendly return policies to cater to your needs. HomeTown offers numerous discounts and timely offers. Remember HomeTown has got you covered, so the next time when you are looking for a bed, do not settle down for a simple one!


HomeTown is your one-stop destination for all your home decor requirements. We understand your needs and live up to those expectations. We aim at trimming down your physical need of travelling to the store by ensuring excellent online service and after sales service. Raining with discounts and offers, HomeTown makes sure you get the best deal along with a quality product. Check out HomeTown’s fine selection of elegant home furnishing and decor, stunning modular kitchens, astounding tableware and kitchenware, statement furniture and sleek bathware. Happy browsing!

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