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Your Nightly Companion

A nightstand or a bedside table is just what you need if you are the type of person that is always reaching out for things in the middle of the night. Be it your water bottle or your phone or your medicine or your charger, a side table by your bed is what the doctor has ordered for you. What is best is that you can purchase a bedside table online!

Why you need a bedside table

It is an ultra-versatile feature and becomes a place to put a reading lamp, even offers space to put your potted plants, your pitcher of water or a glass for your random thirst, and any of your other bedtime essentials. A bedside table with drawer is perfect to store all your necessities. When it comes to choosing a side table for bed, there are a lot of bedside tables online that you can choose from. Do not forget that you have plenty of options. You do not necessarily need to match your bed exactly, so feel free to experiment and choose something that you are truly likely to use and enjoy.

HomeTown caters to all your needs. Browse our wide selection of modern and contemporary side tables for beds to bring effortless style to your home and bedroom with beautiful and high-quality furniture online.

Your stylish stand

Almost always, side table designs are ever so often overlooked when decorating the bedroom. Most people like to think that they can do without that one single extra piece of furniture but it often strikes them later that they miss this very item when they want to put down a book late at night, take off their jewelry, or merely even when they want to put their glass of water down.

Buying a bedside table online is a rather easy and simple convenience, it is just the single piece you need to complete and elevate the look of your space. A good bedside table design is one that doubles as a storage unit cum display unit and can be placed in the bed room, guest room, and more. Make sure you do not miss out on it and make sure you are making a wise and informed choice! Pick a style that matches your needs and always have personal conveniences close by through the night.

I can think of a hundred and one problems that may present themselves in the bedroom at night, were you not to have a bedside table. One of the most deeply saddening and unfortunate ones is having to get up out of bed and walk all the way over to the kitchen or because there is nowhere within reach to put your glass of water, favorite book, snacks for the midnight, or whatever else it is that is your poison of choice for the night.

What size should I go for?

If it were in our hands, we would say that there is no excuse not to have a bedside table. HomeTown is the perfect place to find options for all your needs and wants. With our exhaustive range and extraordinary collections, your options are beyond endless. If you are on the lookout for style inspiration and need creative, modern options that fit your budget, you have come to the right place. No matter what the size of your bedroom is, no matter what the requirements you have are, we’ve got you covered.

Styling and Sizing

There are definitely ways to get a lot of storage and security without compromising on style. A wooden bedside table will give you ample storage for makeup, toiletries and medicines, and more as well as a sleek and polished finish that fits in seamlessly with the rest of the things in your bedroom or surrounding area. On your bedside table you can place all your knick-knacks, jewelry, snacks, tid-bits and more. There’s no limits!

Indulge your inner interior designer and artistic side by fostering your likes and dislikes via HomeTown’s curated collections and styles. There is something to suit all styles and sizes. On HomeTown you can browse these options at your own leisure and choose something that really speaks to you and your many requirements.

Decide on the number and size of drawers that you require in the bedside table. To do this you can think of what you plan on keeping in it. Will you be storing makeup, your contact lenses, your intimates, your snacks for all your midnight cravings, or even your scented candles and journal. Plan and estimate dedicated storage for things that will most often be kept at your bedside so that your stand is clutter free and clean and your sleep is restful and deep. Keeping things neat and clean is a fool-proof way to avoid sleepless nights and can contribute to a restful attitude in the morning.


Your bedside table price depends on a range of different things. It can fluctuate depending on what it is in specific that you’re looking for. Something that’s elaborate and rather fancy, might turn out to be a bit costly but is sure to be a bang for a buck! Don’t be afraid to invest in something that’s truly a good fit for you just because you think it’s expensive! Make sure to understand that a side table for bed is meant to make your life easy. If you’re looking for something that’s a little less costly, choose a sleek and simple option. Think of something modern but also classic that works with the rest of your home and bedroom furniture.

Perking up your bedside table

The ideal side table for your bed will be seamlessly able to hold all your things, from dreamy lights and delicious snacks to keeping all the important things at stones throw away – alarm clock, a book or two, and maybe even a small plant and a scented candle. There are several ways in which these items can elevate and uplift your bedroom and your bedside table as well.

If you’re looking to perk up and decorate your petite bedside table there are multiple approaches you can take. You can choose to keep it minimal and neat if you’re the type to pick a small side table. Only keep your essentials on it like a few of your favorite books or even an alarm clock.

If you have a maximal aesthetic, you can even mix and match and play with colors, sizes, and textures. A wooden bedside table fits with almost anything and no matter what the theme of your bedroom, is sure to fit in! Bedside tables can be perked up and need not be treated like furniture that’s meant only for convenience.

FAQs :

1. How should I style or decorate my bedside table?

Your bedside table design and how you decorate your bedroom and its elements is the truest reflection of your personal style. It is an area that’s crafted to meet all your requirements and is tailor made to suit your needs.

2. What do I do if my bedroom is too small?

If your bedroom is rather small and tiny and you don’t have the amount of space that’s required to install and use a large set, you need not fret! If you don’t have the space for multiple pieces of furniture, feel free to even a bedside table with a drawer and use the chest of drawers to store your many things with segregations.

3. Why should I purchase my bedside table online?

HomeTown is a one stop shop and solution for all your furniture needs. Browse every kind of bedside table online with HomeTown, at your own leisure. Purchasing furniture online allows you to be able to make choices for your home within minutes, ensuring everything fits in and matches everything else!

4. Why is a bedside table such a must have?

Your bedside table knows all your secrets. It has got the details of your sleep schedule, knows the nitty-gritties of your nightly skin care routine, whether you like coffee every evening or tea, and so, so much more. Your bedside table knows all this because it seamlessly does all this. A bedside table will make your life endlessly easy and make your night routine easier to carry out!

5. What size of bedside table should I opt for?

Make sure to choose a bedside table design that suits your room's size and shape. If you have a corner in a small room next to the bed, a smaller night stand will make the best use of space, while in a larger room even over the top, extravagant and tall bedside tables are a good choice. You should make the decision based on how much space you are willing to dedicate to the stand you are choosing.

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