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Bedside Tables (35)

Bedside Tables Online Shopping at HomeTown

If you’re searching for a nightstand, you definitely like reading in bed just before you fall asleep or you have a vitamin pill to pop. A bedside table lets you keep all your night-time essentials handy by giving you a compact, yet spacious storage solution. These tables are a versatile piece of home furniture, allowing you to keep books, lamps, medicines, smartphones and many other essentials when you go for sleep. Bedside tables & chest of drawers also enhance the decor of your room by adding color or texture. Read on to know more about the bedside tables.

What’s a Nightstand?

Nightstand, also known as a bedside table, is taller than coffee tables and lower than console tables. Its height makes it a suitable to be placed at the side of your bed. It serves as an ideal surface to support table lamps, and put drinks, books, and other items. Assume that you’re in bed browsing your Facebook profile on your handset. Suddenly, your eyes are getting heavy, and you yawn. You turn off your mobile screen and want to put it. Will you get down from your bed just to put your smartphone on the dressing table, which is at a ten-step away? That’s where you realize the importance of a bedside table.

HomeTown provides you a wide range of bedside table designs like open, closed or a mix of both available in materials and shapes.

Types of Bedside Tables

At HomeTown, you can buy bedside tables online from variety of designs with varying degrees of functionality. Some of our most popular models are Tuskar Tables in Walnut Finish, Aida Medium Side Table, Liana End Table in Brown Finish, Abby Glass Top Veneer End Table in Dark Brown Colour, Joss Veneer Console Table and many others. Our small bedside table without shelving or storage is perfect if you need a handy surface for your lamp or book. We stock a vast collection of solid wood, glass, wooden bedside tables for online sale. You can also find nightstands with drawers that enable you to keep books, medicines, etc.

How to Choose the Best Bedside Table/ Nightstand?

First of all, decide whether you need just a single table or two tables to place strategically in the room. Next, consider shape, size, and style. Choose from our wide collection that fits well in the available area as well as is compatible with another piece of furniture in the room. Go for a square beside table if you’ll place it in a corner as this shape conserves space. In contrast, a round table is ideal for serving more open areas. Also, consider the design and features such shelving to display photos and drawers for storage. Consider some pointers for finding one for your space.

Depth & Height – To pick the right bedside table, it’s advisable to measure the depth and height of your chair or couch. This enables you to select a nightstand with suitable dimensions

Available Space – Before choosing a nightstand, it’s advisable to measure the open space in your room

Size – Too large bedside tables can make your room crowded whereas too small can be overwhelmed by other furnishings. Choose one that's similar in height and depth to your bed. if exact size isn’t available, go for something slightly lower

Shape – Decide where you will locate the table and how you will use it. For corner locations, you can choose rectangular, square, and wedge-shaped bedside table whereas round and oval are suitable for a pleasant contrast in the room filled with sharp and boxy furnishings

Traffic flow – Don’t select too large nightstand as it blocks foot movement. However, choose one that is large enough to provide you with adequate surface area and storage

Storage – Look for bedside tables with one or more drawers to have convenient storage units. It’s suitable for handy storage of household items like chargers, remote controls, notepads or playing cards

Colour Choice – Pick the color that matches with your existing furniture

Buy Nightstand/ Bedside Table Online at HomeTown

Side tables are a much-needed accessory to add style to your bedroom furniture So when shopping for bedside tables online, make sure you have considered all the points.