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Chest Of Drawers (16)

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Buy Chest of Drawers Online at HomeTown

Your furniture without a chest of drawers is incomplete. The wooden chest of drawers has never gone out of style. Instead, it has been getting better over the years. It’s a classic storage solution for clothing, crockery, linen, and accessories for your bedroom furniture and living room furniture. Nothing stands as classic and elegant as this solid piece of furniture to keep anything.

The countertop is also valuable as you can use it for cosmetics, creams or even books. If you are looking out for a space-saving storage solution, then a chest of drawers – taller and thinner than a dresser – is the solution for you. At HomeTown, you can find a chest of drawers in a wide range of finishes, colors, and styles.

Find Different Types of Chest of Drawers

When you shop for chest of drawers online with us, you will be surprised to see our vast collection. We have multiple chest of drawer designs available in various sizes and shapes. You can purchase a small chest of drawer to a tall one according to your requirement and taste.

  • Bedroom Chest of Drawers – Use our bedroom chest of drawers to store accessories and clothes and double up as a dresser.

  • Sideboard Chest of Drawers – Bring our sideboard chest of drawers to place in dining or hall area for cutlery and crockery items.

  • Kids Chest of Drawers – Choose chest of drawers for kids that come in handy to store toys and other things in an organized way.

HomeTown brings you a wide collection of the wooden chest of drawers available in solid wood and engineered wood.

Chest of Drawers Online Shopping Tips

Before choosing a chest of drawers consider the following points:

  • Well-match – Before placing your order, select a drawer that will fit with your existing doors, and windows.

  • Number of Drawers – Make sure who many drawers you require for your storage needs.
  • Gliders – Glider is one of the essential things to look for as it ensures smooth functioning of drawers.

  • Hardware –Determine the hardware and finishes whether or not they will complement your existing décor.

  • Height – Consider the right height if want to place mirrors or other items on top of the chest of drawers.

Traditional and Stylish Chest of Drawers

HomeTown provides the best and most authentic chest of drawers made of wood to cater to the needs clients. Our products are made from high-quality logs obtained from walnut, oak, mahogany, and fir to name a few. A chest of drawers comes with one column of drawers that differ in both size and number. For smooth opening and closing, the drawers are equipped with either wooden or metal gliders.

Select the Right Size

Chest of drawers is available in a wide range of sizes at HomeTown. Measure the space where this piece of furniture will be placed to store items within it. Measure the area for floor space to make sure the chest won't block windows or impede closet or doors from opening and interfere with your bedside tables and wardrobes . If you have to maximize storage in rooms, pick tall, narrow chests. Opt for wider, shorter chests if you have to hang a mirror above and offer more surface space.

Consider the Capacity

Consider the capacity of chests of drawers that are designed. If you have to store bulkier items such as blankets or sweaters, then look for the chest online that features a couple of large, deep drawers. Narrow and tall chests with multiple smaller drawers are an apt choice to house jewelry, hosiery and cosmetics if placed near your dressing table or dressing mirror, and other accessories.

Wooden Chest of Drawers for Antique Lovers

Our collection of a wooden chest of drawers consists of some truly remarkable masterpieces that despite having been handed down across generations retain their robust design and elegant look. These masterpieces would add value to the collection of antique lovers while adding style and grace to the decor of people who simply love wooden furniture. People who want to buy a chest of drawers online would surely feel mesmerized by our vast collection of the same. So, choose a chest of drawers from our extensive collection of items online.