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The Smartest Chest For Your Home

A welcoming and inviting home begins with aesthetic but also functional storage, which is why investing in a smart chest of drawers is what you need, whether you are furnishing your bedroom, living room, dining space or hallway. HomeTown is perfect for when you are looking for options that work for every part of your home, that are both spacious and stylish. A wooden chest of drawers may help with putting away the clutter and the messiness. You could even dedicate a drawer of the unit to each family member so they can store all their precious belongings in it. With HomeTown you can buy the perfect chest of drawers online. The best part is that you have endless options to browse and look at online! A chest of drawers is ultra-useful, and you can store whatever you need to put in it! It proves to be the perfect functional but style forward addition to your home, adding a little bit of spunk alongside some much needed usefulness.

When you are thinking to buy chest of drawers online, make sure to think about why you need one! Do you need to purchase the chest of drawers for clothes or for storing snacks or for knick-knacks, or maybe stationary? Your options are endless and it all depends on what you need the chest of drawers for. To make a decision that is well informed and concrete you will need to look at lots and lots of chest of drawers designs and that is where HomeTown comes in. We have something to suit every need, and room of yours.

Styles and more

There are different options you can browse when it comes to the make of your chest of drawers. It all depends on the type of room you are looking to furnish. If you are looking for options in solid oak wood or teak wood, then you are investing in a chest of drawers that will work in almost any setting. You can use this in almost any part of the house. You must pick something that is easy to use alongside the rest of your furniture.

So many sizes to explore

The size of your chest of drawers should be suited to the room and space you are looking to place it in. Something large and bigger than usual would work well in a spacious room such as a living area or even a hosting hall. In a bedroom you can choose something with ample storage to keep your clothes and must-haves. In a parlor or guest room you could buy a chest of drawers to keep hosting essentials such as towels, napkins, and even extra clothes. No matter what you choose, a chest of drawers also provides a useful and handy surface. From trinket dishes, to stands for jewelry, to clothes, to vases and more, you will most definitely end up adding lots on top of your chest of drawers.

All the purposes your chest has

There are so ways to use your chest of drawers, whether you put them in a large and spacious primary bedroom, a small and tiny guest room, or a little baby’s nursery or play pen. You can even go so far as to use a low chest of drawers as a bedside table. You can place essentials like water, a lamp, and a few books. If you have a walk in closet, you can put in your chest of drawers there, to add extra storage space and put in jewelry, clothes, lingerie and more. If you plan on placing a chest of drawers as storage at the bottom of your bed, you can put in your blankets, pillow covers, cushions. You could even dedicate a small chest of drawers in a guest room for a houseguest to tuck their personal belongings. If you have a little one at a home, you can place a chest of drawers in the child’s room and use it to store toys and play things. You can even place these in a home office or a bureau or in your living room to allow them to serve as an end table. If your chest of drawers has been placed in your family room you can even choose to fill it with puzzles, games, art supplies, or books. If your chest of drawers has been placed in the television area you can prop up your television on it or even use the many drawers it has for all your electronic accessories like chords, wires, and cables or even remotes and speakers. You can even use the chest of drawers as a make shift bar and store your wines and beers or beverages in it. What’s more? You could keep a chest of drawers on a covered porch for a serving station and storage for all your barbeque and outdoor brunch needs. In a foyer, you could place the chest of drawers to hold items that you need often, such as umbrellas, boots, shoes, reusable bags and even some snacks. You could use it for all your grilling equipment.

Every single one of us is more or less working from home these days so if you need a desk or an extra table top to spread out your laptop or files, your chest of drawers will be the solution. You can even personalize your desktop with style and suave.

How to make your chest of drawers stand out

If you’re on the hunt for ways to make your chest of drawers stand out, you can look at decorating the top with fun and stylish elements. Your chest of drawers can be decorated as you want and can be spruced up to suit all your requirements and needs. You can make the chest as fancy or as non-extravagant as you would like.

FAQs :

1. How can I use my chest of drawers?

There are multiple purposes for a chest of drawers. These are very versatile and can fit in a number of rooms for a number of reasons. Chests of drawers typically are crafted to store clothing and accessories in a bedroom or dressing area.

2. What size of chest should I work with?

Keep in mind your storage needs and what you are looking to extract from your newest furniture piece. A large and spacious unit that is not too tall will work wonders in place of a sideboard or side stand in the hall or dining room, however a thin and narrow chest of drawers can be a gift from the heavens if you’re the type that’s always drowning in jewelry, bags, shoes, or clothes but are constantly falling short of floor space in the bedroom.

3. How can I spruce up my chest of drawers?

You can either take a minimal approach or a maximal approach. You can choose to experiment with bold styles and pops of color in the form of intricate vases, flowers, and mats. If you prefer a more muted approach you can opt for trinket trays and little add ons like books or photo frames.

4. Where can I keep a small chest of drawers?

You can keep smaller chests of drawers in television rooms, kitchens, and entrances or hallways and corridors. Make sure to experiment with shape and size to achieve the desired effect.

5. What color should I go for?

Think of investing in solid colors and broody, muted, and neutral tones. Browns, dark browns, and whites work best, but sometimes pops of color do well too!

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