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Explore all the different Chest of Drawers on HomeTown

A group of drawers stacked on top of each other is called a chest of drawers. A chest of drawers can be used to keep small items like daily wear clothes, stationery, or keys. Mostly you would find them in bedrooms, but it can be kept anywhere to store items that could get lost in the wardrobe. According to where you place it, you can keep undergarments or socks in bedrooms, cutlery and recipe books in the kitchen, remote, keys, and magazines in the living room or tools and other miscellaneous items in verandah or gallery. Though there are many chest of drawers design, usually a wooden chest of drawers looks more beautiful as it blends with the other furniture of the house.

Checkout the different types of Chest of Drawers

Generally, a chest of drawers has 5 to 7 drawers in them without a foot stand. They are placed adjacent to the wall and have enough depth to keep long and wide items like books and stationery or kitchen utensils. The chest of drawers is also sometimes preferred for the aesthetic value that they add to your home. A product dating back to the 17th century in medieval Europe, it was mostly luxury furniture which was majorly used by monarch and aristocrats. Naturally, a chest of drawers can give your house a royal and luxurious look enhancing its overall elegance.

Chest of drawers can either contain 5-7 wide drawers or 8-12 small drawers stacked above each other in a neat pattern. In some designs, you might also find a combination of the two, where there are two small drawers on top of a few other long drawers stacked horizontally.

Things to Consider while Buying a Chest of Drawers

A chest of drawers being an elegant piece of furniture should accentuate the look of the house and not spoil it. If wrongly placed, it can look off amidst the organized furniture in your home. Therefore, you must be a bit careful while purchasing a chest of drawers. Following are some things that you should keep in mind-

  • Before purchasing, ascertain the estimated height you would want your drawers to be off. You can do so by measuring the available space in the place, where you plan to keep the chest of drawers.
  • Check how many drawers you want
  • Consider the other furniture in the house to buy a similar looking chest of drawers
  • Check and recheck the gliders and slides to ensure that they are not rusted or broken.
  • If buying for your kid's room, ensure that it has round edges to avoid accidents.

Some ranges of Chest of Drawers on HomeTown

While buying a chest of drawers, you can look for the following ranges in India
  • Provencale
  • Renley
  • Stark
  • Atlas
  • Tuskar

Shop for Chest of Drawers Online on HomeTown

You can shop for a chest of drawers easily from the comforts of your home by buying it online. Hometown has an ample number of options to choose from. You can buy a chest of drawers online India either by exploring the website or through the Hometown apps from your mobile phones. On Hometown, you can conveniently select the kind of drawers you want through the various available filters. You can select your preferred color, material, price from the drop-down list on the website. The user-friendly interface on Hometown helps you narrow down your choices through these filters while you explore the several options available on the website.

Grab Chest of Drawers Offers on HomeTown

On Hometown, there are several attractive chest of drawers deals you can take advantage of. You can select from the various chest of drawers for sale considering their price and discount range through its website.

What else can You Buy at Hometown?

Along with the chest of drawers, you can look for other furniture like beds, wardrobe and sofa set that compliments with each other on Hometown. Moreover, you can also shop for vases, fountains , lamps , idols, figurines, etc. on Hometown to place it on the chest of drawers.

Frequently asked Questions:

What Materials are used in making the Chest of Drawers?

Wood is mostly used to make a chest of drawers due to its durability and elegant look.

What is the Difference between a Dresser and a Chest of Drawers?

Dresser is a kind of dressing table which usually and majorly has a mirror on it. It is not much taller and is used to keep makeup items. A chest of drawers has no mirror on it, and it can be used to keep anything.

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