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Dress To Impress, Without Stress

You know the kind of morning that has you feeling as if you have a spring in your step? The days that you wake up feeling a little bit taller all generally begin with your dressing table. Your dressing table is where you start your day and end it too, and it should be a reflection of your personality, style, and mind set. Your dressing table is the code to having more fulfilling, prettier, and more aesthetic days! Back in the day, in the 17th Century, dressing tables were meant to be purely functional. They were even called toilet tables. We’ve come a long way since then. There’s no reason for the furniture you’re spending the most time around to be dull or boring.

Why your dressing table is so important

A dressing table is an indication of the way your day will unfold. It should serve its purpose and must be a unique combination of function and aesthetic, designed specially and suited to fit in seamlessly with the rest of your bedroom or home. It is where you inevitably spend the most amount of time, be it styling your hair, or putting on makeup every morning, or even getting ready and picking outfits for work or for your day out, your dressing table is a very important and an integral part of your daily, morning routine. A unique dressing table design makes for the perfect way to begin your day. It’s a safe haven, where you look at yourself before you leave the house and again when you come back.

The most convenient storage option

If you’re on the lookout for a dressing table online, HomeTown is a one stop solution. A skillfully crafted dressing table is one of the most important and impactful pieces of furniture in a home. Since it is where you begin your day, it really does need to appeal to you. Dressing tables are ultra-versatile since they can be moved around to suit your needs, and placed wherever you need them according to your convenience. If you’re using your dressing table to store your collectibles make sure to remember that they can easily become cluttered and messy with tangled up jewelry, creams, makeup, and more. We’re all guilty of being a tad bit shabby! Having a dressing table that’s unruly and not clean can and will instantly make your bedroom look chaotic and unattractive.

Make sure to view your dressing table as one of the accent pieces that adds just a tad bit of spunk, glamor and sophistication to your bedroom. Think of it as the outlet for your creative side and make sure you doll your table up with styles that speak to you. Don’t think of your dressing table as something that’s purely functional. Be willing to experiment with it and try new things.

Keeping your dressing table uncluttered

We’ve all seen the tired, worn out types, but HomeTown’s fresh options are full of fun and functional selects. You can doll these up by investing in good lighting since that will make the entire process of getting ready a whole lot more interesting. A good amount of light around your vanity may help bring out its features, and depending on the design of the dressing table, is a good idea. Make sure that you have access to ample plug points and power outlets. Hair styling tools and ring lights are some appliances you will use and some of these may be powered by electricity. To make your life easier ensure that there are enough plug points available near your dressing table. Make sure to keep your dressing table surface clean. Gross make-up stains, loose pins, and scattered bottle caps can spoil the top of the dressing table. Always keep your top spik and span without any marks or stains. Not only will this look better, you’ll also make more use of your table if it’s cleaner. If you remove your makeup at your dressing table or use it for your skincare routine, you’ll also need a place to store makeup remover pads, cotton, cleanser, and the works. Instead of weird packages in strange shapes opt for a pretty glass jar instead – it will give your table a much more polished finish. Using several jars of different heights is a good dressing table idea to add additional interest. This will add some dimension and flair to a structure that’s otherwise boxy or even simplistic. Think of your dressing table as your playground.

Play with sizes and styles

If you've got a small bedroom, don’t be afraid to experiment with style and size, since there are still fashion forward and stylish ways in which you can have a dressing table that fits all your needs without it being awkward in your bedroom. There are plenty of smaller dressing tables you can experiment with. You can opt for a single unit or a dressing table set with multiple drawers, tops, and mirrors. Smaller ones are meant to fit in nooks and corners while slightly larger ones can take up walls or areas on their own. Find a way to make your dressing table truly yours by investing in it and experimenting with many options when it comes to style, size, and color. Some interior designers have even suggested that a spacious bathroom would work wonders when it comes to placing your dressing stand, since bathrooms now generally include electric outlets for placing hair styling appliances or your skin-care machines. When you’re finally making the purchase and are buying your vanity make sure to remember that it is afterall a very important piece of furniture and will end up occupying a very special corner of the bedroom. Such furniture is made to help you groom yourself and take care of yourself. You deserve to be pampered and your dressing table will help you feel like the most glorified, best version of yourself! That’s why it’s important to invest in one that speaks to you and decorate it in a manner that’s tidy but also a crystal clear reflection of your likes and dislikes. Instead of going the extra mile and having to find the wood, carpenter, and craftsmanship to create your vanity, you can now rely on HomeTown’s exquisite collection. HomeTown offers a range of options according to your taste and budget. Usually, people prefer to spend on dressing tables with a lot of storage and placement options. However a lot of people prefer to value aesthetics a lot more than functionality. You’re in the right place, since luckily for you, HomeTown’s wide variety caters to both those extremes!

Storage options

A wooden dressing table may also have other accents like fancy handles and more. At times dressing tables are accompanied by ornate and classic mirrors. A dressing table’s price depends on these factors. The simpler ones are cheaper while the more elaborate ones are a bit more expensive. On HomeTown you can browse a range of options that fit your budget and your requirements. Buy a dressing table online, today! Some dressing tables will also include drawers and sections meant for specific storage. Be it for boxes, perfumes, watches, belts, earrings, lipsticks, or lingerie, you’re going to be able to personalize your table the way you want. Usually, dressing tables have multiple sections to store many different things. With so many options and styles to choose from, it can prove to be quite the difficult choice. If your aim is to find the dressing table that suits you best, there’s a way to go about it. Make sure not to get overwhelmed at all! Shopping online on HomeTown is an easy, stress free process with bespoke options.

FAQs :

1. How do I choose the best fitting dressing table for me?

Note down your requirements and then decide on whether you value aesthetics or functionality. They’re both valid things to keep in mind. Then pick a style that reflects your personality and that also matches the rest of the home decor in the room where you’re going to place the dressing unit. After that you can get into the nitty-gritties of size, color, shape, and more.

2. What do I store in a dressing table?

A dressing table is a multifunctional piece of furniture with a range of purposes from storing clothes, and securely keeping makeup or perfumes, to even arranging accessories lor precious jewelry.

3. Where do I place my dressing table?

Make sure you account for and take into consideration the exact place or room where you would like to place your dressing set. Bigger dressing tables will be ideal for spacious bedroom, while smaller and more tiny dressing tables can be placed in the spare room or powder room.

4. What styles can I purchase?

Your dressing table is a total reflection of your personality and preferences. If you’re someone that’s a maximalist make sure to play with lots of shapely options but if you’re someone that’s fond of minimal accents you can settle for something toned down. HomeTown’s curation has something for every single one out there!

5. How can I style my dressing table?

It’s important to keep your vanity tables looking nice and fancy. There’s many ways in which you can style yours. Make sure to not shy away from a pop of color, especially if you have a minimal and muted bedroom. Contrast broody tones with fancy neons and dopamine brights.

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