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A wardrobe is an essential part of any household. It not only accentuates the beauty of the house but also ensures your home remains uncluttered. While exploring different bedroom wardrobe, you can look for options like wooden wardrobe, steel wardrobe, sliding wardrobe, wardrobe with mirrors, etc. These come in different sizes and different wardrobe design to cater to all kinds of homes. But when you shop for wardrobe design, ensure that your purchase is according to your available space, and budget.

Experiment with Different Designs

When you explore different bedroom wardroom designs, look for maximum utility. You can buy a wardrobe exclusively to fit in your different kinds of clothes, or you can take a wardrobe that has separate drawers for accessories, shoes and miscellaneous too. Also, you can also look for wardrobes with locked lockers to store your money and valuables. While the traditional bedroom wardrobe looks best in all kinds of space, you can explore the different sliding wardrobes available on Hometown to give your house a modern look. Such type of sliding wardrobe can be used in a study room or in the kitchen too.

Some of the best Wardrobe Ranges on HomeTown

Following are the top wardrobe ranges on HomeTown which you can look for, while shopping for wardrobe-

  • Willy
  • Allen
  • Archer
  • Ultima
  • Stark

Buy Wardrobe Online after Identifying Your Preferences

While you are planning to buy wardrobe online, you should have an idea of the kind of wardrobe you want. Do you want to buy a steel almirah online or Godrej wardrobe online? You can buy 3 door wardrobe , 2 door wardrobe and many more wardrobe designs at HomeTown. Also, while exploring almirah online, decide if you are looking for a portable wardrobe that has wheels or a stationary one? Similarly, also keep in mind the space available, so that your house does not look congested and cluttered.

Blend In Your Wardrobe with other Furniture

Moreover, when you buy almirah online, ensure that it blends well with the other furniture and the style of your house with Hometown. If your house has a contemporary style, you can buy a wardrobe that has sliding drawers and hanger rod in them. On the other hand, for a traditional conventional look, you can shop for walnut colored wardrobes with multiple shelves and a locker on Hometown. Further, on hometown you can shop for wardrobe in durable material like solid wood, fabric, mild steel, etc. While doing so, also consider the weather conditions. If your house is prone to termites or water leakage, it would be better to go for steel that does not get damaged with the first change in the weather.

Consider the Utility of Wardrobe

While buying furniture for your home, always consider its utility as per the space available. The wardrobe should neither be too big nor too small. As per your need, you can decide on the number of doors you want in your wardrobe. It could be either one door, two doors, three doors, or four-door wardrobe . If you have less moving space in your house, you can opt for a sliding door that not only stores all your things but is also stylish and chic.

Get the Best Deals and Offers

With hometown, you can get the best deals on a wardrobe. There are different discount offers and deals available on the website that can help you make purchases at attractive rates. It is generally advisable to buy the furniture for the entire house together, as then there are more chances of getting wardrobe offers online with combo offers.

What More at Hometown

To increase the utility of your home furniture, you can shop for other furniture to pair it with your wardrobe like a dresser, side table and a chest of drawers on Hometown. You can also enhance the beauty of your room with a mirror and cabinets.


What's the Difference Between Wardrobe and Amirah?

The wardrobe is a piece of furniture used to store clothes. It is usually in your bedroom, whereas an almirah is a storage furniture like a closet, or chest of drawers that can be used to store anything. It could be for your shoes, utensils, accessories, documents, etc.

What is the Difference Between a Closet and a Wardrobe?

Usually, the wardrobe is a moving piece of furniture that can be used to store clothes. On the other hand, a closet is usually a sort of room built into the wall to store all commodities. The closet could be in a living room, bedroom or kitchen.

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