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A uniquely designed wardrobe has the potential to elevate the style of a relatively simple bedroom. HomeTown brings you a unique collection of almirahs. To give an industrial look, opt for steel sliding doors or try wooden wardrobe with tinted glass doors to add elegance. Or, you can integrate your wardrobe with the headboard for a unique and different style.

Moreover, pick an almirah piece which is in sync with the décor of your room as well as caters to all the storage and functional requirements. Or, keep the wardrobes simple and reserve a space to display your knick-knacks. At HomeTown, you have endless collections with a wide diversity of furniture designs, styles, materials, sizes and even colors.

Why the Need for Wardrobes?

A wardrobe is the jewel of your bedroom or living area. You should buy a wardrobe that can take care of your needs. A bedroom is well-designed when it lets you arrange your favorite cloths, books, accessories and other handy stuff in a proper & an easily accessible manner. Whether you shop for shoes, dresses or any other accessories, a wardrobe can help you store them and keep them well-maintained.

With various wardrobe options such as 2 door wardrobes, 3 door wardrobes, 4 door wardrobes and sliding door wardrobes available in the market; buying an almirah can be a challenge. Making a decision based on the price of the wardrobe is not correct. You should, instead, focus on personalized storage needs, types of wardrobes on offer, design and décor aesthetics. At HomeTown, we ensure an easy, smart, hassle free and cost-effective way of shopping. However, before shopping, have a look at our smart wardrobe online shopping guides.

Know about Different Wardrobe/Almirah Types

Before you make any purchase decision, look at varied designs and functionality. Here are some popular wardrobe designs that are suitable for both contemporary and modern households.

Wall mounted wardrobe - Wall mounted wardrobes are among the best designs for your bedroom. They can be seen in today’s modern homes, especially because they ensure optimal use of space. A wooden almirah is by far the most common selections for a wall mounted wardrobe. They are preferably suitable for rooms of all sizes. When choosing wall mounted wardrobes, make sure they match your home décor and merge with the design sensibilities. Such pieces of furniture can escalate the overall room décor.

Free standing wardrobe – These wardrobes come in the category of most traditional and basic pieces you can find in several households. They are ideal because you can move them around and locate at suitable place. If you follow Feng Shui or Vaastu principles, then you can shift your wardrobe in the right direction. Though the design is simple, free-standing almirah lets you have a lot of free space in your bedroom. Therefore, if you are short on space or have a compact-sized room, go for a free standing wardrobe.

Sliding door wardrobe - Sliding door wardrobes offer wardrobe design seekers an excellent formation with maximum space optimization. Coming equipped with sliding doors, these types of wardrobes don’t consume additional space. If you want to maximize storage in your wardrobe, then choosing a sliding door wardrobe should be on your list. Single, small and bedroom – all types of wardrobes can be constituted as sliding door wardrobes. They are perfect for space savers.

Customized wardrobes – In this day and age, you can find traditional wooden almirah as well as wardrobes with shelves to feed the needs of wardrobe designs. Besides this, mirrored wardrobes and large wardrobes are other popular wardrobe sets. HomeTown offers a variety of wardrobes that can suit the theme of your room. Multiple sizes, varied designs, different colors and various types of materials – you have a lot of options to choose at HomeTown. No doubt, each room is different and so every different room requires wardrobes based on the space, size, and theme. So, it’s good to choose a customized option that makes it apt for each room design.

Walk-in Wardrobe - Walk-in wardrobes are a super selection for female users. They are designed in a way that can help them organize and display their wardrobe according to their fashion sensibilities. Though walk-in wardrobes require somewhat a larger space, they’re by far a well-designed setup when it comes to wardrobe design functionality. This type of wardrobe is suitable for an unused room, instead of your bedroom.

Purchase Solid Wood Wardrobes Online At HomeTown

Explore our website for the most elegant and suitable wardrobe for your room. When making a purchase decision, ensure that the design is aligned with the needs of your room occupant. It should define the storage accordingly.
Among the vital facet you should account for, is organizing the space to get the most out of the storage, creating a design that assimilates with the style and configuring sleek design elements that add to both function and form.

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