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Sliding Door Wardrobes (6)

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Buy Sliding Door Wardrobe Online at HomeTown

A wardrobe is a premier element of your bedroom. It’s more than a place to keep your clothes and store other items. It’s the second most crucial furniture after bed. It’s an item to make a design statement. HomeTown offers you different types of wardrobes. Among the popular one is sliding-door wardrobes that you can buy online. With a range of choice of beautiful styles, you can rest assured to find the perfect fit.

Sliding Door Wardrobe Designs

Sliding door wardrobes are designed to have a track system to ‘slide’ open and close. They’re among the most popular type of wardrobes, adding a modern feel achieving a contemporary style in a room. If you want to have a more traditional look, then add a sliding door with a routed pattern. These type of wardrobes are also ideal to place into a walk in robe.
  • Wooden Sliding door wardrobes are people’s favourite choice due to the quality of compactness.

  • These wardrobes are ideal for small rooms.

  • You don’t find it difficult to open and close it.

  • These wardrobes are usually box-shaped. So, they give smooth operation of the sliding mechanism.

  • They are available in a wide range of size and lengths.

  • They are perfect for a small bedroom as you don’t need to leave space to open the doors.

Purchase Wooden Sliding Door Wardrobes at HomeTown

HomeTown’s wooden sliding door wardrobes come with multiple features. They’re distinguished based on their specifications. Some of our sliding door wardrobes with mirrors have drawers at the foot, others at the center. Drawers at foot are perfect to store shoes, accessories or use it as a chest of drawers if not enough space is available in your room for placing a separate chest of drawers. At HomeTown, some wardrobes also come equipped with a full-length mirror.

Sliding Door Wardrobe Styles

Some of our favourite wardrobe styles are the following:

  • Modern Style – Modern style wardrobes have light-colors, and high-gloss finishes. Bring them to add a trendy feel to your space and enhance your room’s look. A black and dark-colored finish styles are quite bold.

  • Vintage Style – Our vintage style wardrobes are available in several colors. They’re an elegant choice for natural warmth to rooms and create a traditional-looking interior. Add a feel of quality by choosing the best wardrobes that feature rich tones, antique styles.

Pick the Best Sliding Door Wardrobe With Mirror

When shopping for a sliding wardrobe with mirror online, choose one that has a lot of functional features. Consider the following features:

  • Drawers – They allow you to keep things like jewelry, lingerie, and accessories well organized.

  • Hangers – Make sure hanging rods in the wardrobe. They are essential to keep clothing like sarees and jackets on hangers.

  • Shelves – Many shelves mean more storage space. But, pay attention to space between two shelves.

  • Mirrors – Mirrors are available outside or inside wardrobes. Mirrors in sliding doors can be used to make your room look bigger.

  • Locker – Depending on your choice, you can choose wardrobes with lockers or safe.

  • Hooks – Many sliding door wardrobes come with hooks to hand clothes or other items like a key.

  • Lofts – Lofts are an essential part of a wardrobe as they enable you to store things that you don’t use very often.

Shop for Sliding Door Almirah Online at HomeTown

If you need more storage in your home, buy a sliding door almirah with mirror. They are ideal for small or big bedrooms. They are also perfect for the office, and other living areas to organize things. With our range of high-quality and elegance pieces of wardrobes with sliding doors, you can adore the additional storage space. So, browse through this page, and pick one that suits your needs and requirements.

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