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Book Shelves (46)

Bookshelf: Explore Online Bookshelf Collection at HomeTown

A bookshelf is the most faithful friend of an avid reader. It is an essential and practical furniture storage unit of any home. Book shelf is more than just a space to stack and display your favorite books & they have their own unique character. Their design says so much about you – whether you’re a hoarder or a collector.

Browse the Best Bookshelves

Bookshelves and bookcases are versatile storage solutions, allowing you to store a vast variety of everyday items, from dishes and electronics to even clothing and craft supplies. They tend to be easy to find and affordable. Plus, bookshelves showcase decor pieces, family photos, and valuable works of art. Bookshelves can be used to store numerous amounts of items that you want all at one place.

Book Racks & Book Cupboards

HomeTown offers numerous book racks & book cupboards online. We offer the book rack in varied colors, sizes, shapes, etc. You can find many book cupboards , small-sized book racks, large-sized book cupboards, medium-sized book racks, open bookcase, book racks with single, double or more doors, and so on. So, the problem is what kind of book rack goes well with you and gets suited to your home décor – which one should you opt for? Open or closed doors, wall-mounted or floor-standing, tall or short book rack, etc. Go through our book cupboards to figure out which book rack suits best for your home & which one you should eventually choose.

Bookshelf Designs

Bookshelf designs at HomeTown tend to rest against a wall, but depending on your choice, you can find many other styles, book shelves designs, and types. You can get divider models that sit in the middle of a room to partition your space into separate areas. If you want your bookshelf design to be a décor focal point, try a larger tower design or stylish open- concept model. With multiple shapes and book shelves designs available, finding the right bookshelf to cate to your storage needs is not a big deal. Here are few factors that you can consider for selecting a perfect bookshelf design:
  • Think About Material – HomeTown stocks bookshelf designs in a handful of materials. From solid hardwood, wood veneers to plywood, to engineered wood and particle board & glass we have book shelves designs which come in different types of materials.
  • Double Check Dimensions – Bookshelf designs typically range in various heights – you can find from waist high to about 84 inches. For an easy reach, choose 75-78 inches height as it’s an ideal top shelf. 78 inches is the maximum height for an average-sized person. The bookshelf’s width is generally a blend of style and sag considerations.
  • Shelf Depth – Book rack designs usually come in 10 to 12 inches in depth. However, you can find several models as deep as 24 inches and as narrow as six inches. When purchasing any of our items, determine the depth of the book rack design by the size and amount of the things you wish to store. Shallow shelves are ideal for smaller paperback books, whereas larger items, like older hardcover books, need deeper shelves. Choose the book rack design that suits your requirements.
  • Medium Bookshelves - While exploring bookshelves designs online, you can find many medium bookshelves that can allow for a bit of customization. They are suitable for any room that needs additional storage space. These are especially useful to organize your books, crockery & other accessories.
  • Bookcase Sizes - A tall wall bookshelf design will take up less space, yet give you plenty of shelves to store your books, accessories and other knickknacks. On the other hand, shorter book rack designs with smaller shelves can fit into any space. Depending on the design, you can use the top as a side table near your favorite armchair.
  • Consider Other Factors – Many other things should be considered while buying a bookshelf. Look at the number of doors that can keep dust from collecting on whatever is inside. Wood doors are great for hiding clutter, but if you want the bookshelf design to be a display for dishes or interesting objects, you may want to consider front glass shutter as well as sliding doors on either side. Make sure all panels are laminated from both sides to avoid moisture absorption, fungus formation. The model you should carry a minimum one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Wooden Bookshelf Online at HomeTown

You don’t have to stick to the basic solid wood bookshelf for your home or office. Instead, choose from the different types of wooden book racks such as ladder and leaning bookshelves , folding and revolving shelves, corner bookracks, modular ones or barrister designs and more. It can be crafted with wood, engineered wood or metal, plastic or wicker. There are also wooden bookshelves that may be colored white, red, yellow or blue. So, you have a wide range of solid wood book shelves to choose from. However, keep in mind that the bookcases don’t look mismatched and grace your décor most beautifully.

Buy Bookshelf Online at HomeTown

You can shop for the right bookcases online at HomeTown. We make your shopping experience is easier and more shopper-friendly by allowing you to explore a wide range of furniture products right at a single place and accepting payments via debit, credit or cash on delivery. Moreover, we offer excellently designed book shelves online and make it available to you in your city. So enjoy book shelves online shopping at HomeTown & choose the perfect bookshelf online that caters to your requirements.