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Dining Benches

Have you observed that the corner dining tables in hotels and restaurants are paired with dining bench for seating? It is because dining benches are comfortable and laid back. They can be used in compact areas and can be easily pushed under the tables to make some space. Moreover, more number of people can sit on them squeezed together, which is needed when you have more guests at home.

Dining benches are also preferred for their utility of storing all your dining essentials in one place. In a dining bench with storage, there are cabinets that you can use to store your extra cutlery, table mats, or napkins. Not restricted to a dining room, you can place a dining bench also in the verandah or the kitchen for your evening tea and snacks. Usually, a wood dining bench while being durable and sturdy looks good with all sorts of dining table due to its universal look and style. Moreover, for people who need back support while sitting, you can explore the various designs of dining bench with backrest and relax comfortably while having meals.

Explore different Dining bench range on HomeTown

You can explore the following varied range of dining bench available in India

  • Baylor
  • Stella
  • Amazon
  • Karent
  • Bahubali
  • Austin
  • Eden

Buy dining bench online at HomeTown

Through Hometown, you can easily purchase a dining bench online. All you have to do is scroll through the website or mobile app, and scan through all the different options displayed there. Hometown has various drop-down menus to simplify your process. To start with, go to the website header and choose the dining benches option from the furniture tab. Once you are directed to the dining bench page, you can scroll through all the different options of varying colors, materials, and designs. You can also apply filters like price, discount range, color, material, etc. to narrow down your choice and run a specific search. Once you choose the one that you like the best, you can get your dining bench delivered to your home in no time.

Furniture on Hometown is made from superior quality wood and assembled by skilled carpenters and technicians. They offer easy EMI options and free delivery to provide you hassle-free shopping experience. Moreover, they also offer one year warranty against any manufacturing defect

Different types of dining bench on HomeTown

There are various types of dining benches that you can explore for your home or office.

Park bench - Unlike the name suggest, it is not an item of furniture for the park but similar in look. With a cushioned seat, it could have different designs with extended seat and short legs and can be placed below the window or as a settee.

Classic wooden bench- Made in wood or MDF, this classic bench is the one that you sat on while in school. It can be placed with the sofa for some additional seating or in the verandah or garden.

Storage bench - One with a cabinet or drawers, these benches can be used in kid’s room for their stationery and toys or your room for storing extra bedding.

Take a look at the various dining benches for sale

Benches are no longer restricted to parks or classrooms; they have made their stylish way into your homes as well. On Hometown, there is a wide range of dining table benches for sale that you can explore to get the best one for your home. Hometown offers dining benches in different woods like engineered wood, rubber wood, solid wood, and Sheesham. Moreover, here you can also find plain benches as well as cushioned and upholstered benches in varying patterns and color. Further, depending upon the style of your house, you can also check out the different styles and patterns of dining benches like curved, straight, and one with a footrest.

What else can you shop at Hometown?

On Hometown, you can shop for choicest ranges of furniture like wardrobe, beds, chairs and tables, office and study furniture, kitchen furniture, end tables, bar stools, cabinets, etc. Further, you can also explore the various beautiful designs of bed covers and bedsheets, curtains, sofa and pillow covers, rugs, and mats. To complete the look of your house, you can further shop for home decor items such as candles, paintings, mirrors, idols, fountains, clocks, vases, lanterns, etc.

What are the different types of dining benches?

The different types of dining benches are bench without cushion, bench with an armrest, bench with storage, park bench, and classic wooden bench.

What are the different types of materials for dining benches?

Home decor includes a variety of items like figurines, statues, fountains, vases, clocks, mirrors, wall stickers, wall photo frames, candles, artificial flowers, planters, etc.

What are home decor items?

The different materials used to make dining benches are wood, stainless steel, and metal.

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