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Unknowingly we spent a lot of time sitting on the dining table chairs. Dining chairs are not only used during mealtime but are quite often used for studying, reading newspapers or a quick family discussion. Besides, dining room chairs are also used as additional seating arrangements during a party or when you have guests in your house. Therefore, it is vital for a dining chair set to be not only comfortable but also stylish.

When it comes to buying the perfect dining chair design, you should consider its style, material, and shape and size. You need to pick a dining chair design that would accentuate your interiors and your sense of style and make your mealtimes more comfortable, stylish and memorable.


Visibly seen and utilized to the extreme, buying a dining chair set is extremely personal. HomeTown’s collection of dining chairs is impressive and extensive. Before buying dining chairs online make sure you consider the following listed factors:

- What type of dining chair design are you looking to buy?

- What specific material are you looking for when you are planning to buy dining chairs online?

- Do you intend to mix match the dining table chair with the rest of your interior or keep it up in harmony with the dining table?

- Does it match your comfort?

- Does the dining chair set fall into your budget?

The size, style and measurement of dining chairs are important as it needs to blend perfectly with the dining table or kitchen table and the interiors. It is imperative to measure the room where you plan to position your dining chairs. Here, it is crucial to consider the height and width. An average dining chair is 18 inch from the floor to the seat, whereas the dining table is about 30 inch tall. If your table is taller than the average height, make sure you pick dining chairs that are taller than 18 inch. This will allow enough legroom for everyone.

The average width of a dining chair is about 18-20 inch. However, dining chairs with arms might go up to 6 inch wider than the average size. Depending on that, you can calculate how many chairs you can buy to sit beside each other comfortably. A round or square table up to 48 inch generally fits four people comfortably, while a 60 inch table can accommodate six people. Always remember to leave some space, about 6 inch, for some elbow room. Also to avoid getting your guests stuck every time they try to leave the table, make sure there is a minimum 36 inch space between the chairs, the wall or any other furniture.

Upon finalizing the size, focus on the design including the colours and pattern that would complement the rest of your interiors.


Dining chairs are commonly bifurcated into two main categories, namely side chairs that do not have armrests and armchairs, which come with armrests. Other than these two main categories, there is a wide variety of dining chair design. HomeTown showcases a fine curation of dining room chairs right from upholstered and tufted to wooden dining chairs. Varying in style, colour and finishes, HomeTown’s offers a wide range of dining chairs, keeping in mind the dining chair price meeting the requirement of users. So what are you waiting for? Create that comfortable spot in the house where the family can come together to enjoy scrumptious meals and converse with HomeTown’s wide range of dining chairs.

Wooden dining chairs

Sturdy and timeless, wooden dining chairs are a classic piece of home furniture. Generally, wooden dining chairs come with a wooden seat. However, the wooden seat can be upgraded into an upholstered one. Offering a minimal look with its sleek and durable framework, wooden dining chairs offer comfort and style. Wooden dining chairs are by far the most popular ones.

Side dining chair design

One of the common types of dining room chair is the side chair which is often seen near the kitchen tabletop and dining room. The side chair is standard throughout and is designed without armrests with an arched back and plain seat.


An upgraded version of the side dining chair design, the dining armchair comes with an armrest. Unlike the side dining chair, the framework of the armchair is different and versatile and can be morphed the way arms appear on the chair.

Upholstered dining chair design

One of the most comfortable seat options, the upholstered dining chair design comes in cushioned bottoms and soft textures. The upholstered seat is set up on the frame of the chair, which either matches or is in contrast with the rest of the chair.

Parson dining chair design

A simpler chair with clean lines and straight angles without any decorative elements, parson dining table chairs fit well in about any area of the home.

Metal dining chair design

Created in a metal frame, the metal dining chair design offers an industrial-chic feel. A modern wonder, these chairs are often upholstered in leather.

Leather dining chair design

Offering the comfort of a luxurious upholstered chair, the leather dining chair design can infuse a sophisticated charm.

Wicker dining chair design

Wicker is a type of woven fabric or synthetic material which is tough, richly textured and durable that makes great seating. Often seen in patio furniture, wicker dining chair design showcases upper levels of luxury, depending on build quality and style.

Wishbone dining chair design

Visually charming, the wishbone dining chair has a low back that is less supportive than the Parson chair. Perfect for kitchen, dining room and bars, these dining chairs are supportive and comfortable for the lower back.

Folding dining chair design

Ideal for smaller apartments, folding dining chairs can be kept away when not in use. This offers floor space. Made out of wood and upholstered in a cushion, the folding dining chair also comes in handy as extra seats for large gatherings or parties.


Depending upon your preference and the interior of your house, you can experiment with various types and designs of dining room chairs. You can go for the conventional wooden dining chairs that match your dining table, or you can opt for alternate materials in the form of plastic dining chairs or steel dining chairs.

Every dining room needs a dining room chair. It is important to keep in mind to pick a dining room chair that would suit your style, comfort and functions. Other than plastic, metal, wicker, wood, leather and upholstered materials, it is important you consider the back designs of the dining chairs. Dining room chairs are available in a wide variety of back designs such as solid back that comes with no cutouts or slats. An open back features a gap between the seat and the back. While the tufted back is upholstered back with button tufting, oval back offers a classic shape reminiscent of diners and traditional dining rooms. The tufted back of the dining chair design adds a touch of sophistication and luxury to the dining room. The slat back often consists of a wooden framework with vertical slats on the back.

Every detail of the house matters – the colours, the furniture, everything needs to blend well. The dining room should resonate with your personality and give out a homey vibe. And choosing the right dining chair can go a long way towards your goal. Consider whether you are looking for a rustic, casual or vintage look for your dining room and accordingly pick a dining chair. HomeTown offers countless possibilities of dining chair design to suit every need. For apartments with limited space, folding dining chairs, shakers or ladder back come in handy. These chairs also serve as an extra seating arrangement. Leather and wicker dining chairs make the room appear unique and comfortable. For larger dining rooms, side chairs are best suited as they create enough room and do not cramp up the table. Armchairs are also a good option for bigger tables.

With regards to the style of the chair, you need to keep in mind its few other elements such as legs, materials and colours. While traditional dining chairs feature an ornate and intricate framework, contemporary dining chairs are available in a variety of styles, majorly highlighting the curves and sleek structure. Designed in a light frame, coastal dining chairs go in style with a beach-themed interior. For a bucolic setting, go with a rustic patterned chair.

Dining chairs are durable, ultra-comfortable and double as a chic piece of furniture. They add a touch of style and cater to the seating needs. They are sleek, low on maintenance and fit almost anywhere. HomeTown’s range of dining chairs online and the discounts will leave you surprised.


Look no more for dining chair design at affordable prices as HomeTown offers seasonal offers and timely deals. Enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience with our finely curated dining chair set at a reasonable price. While there are many deals and offers on 6 dining chairs set for sale, you can also find individual dining chairs at huge discounts. For example, on wooden dining chairs for sale, you can enjoy up to 80 per cent discount. These discounts and deals are also available on a set of two dining chairs or a set of 4 and 8 dining chairs. You can buy a single dining chair matching your set or a dining chair set matching your dining table from HomeTown’s assortment. You can even mix match dining chairs from HomeTown’s compelling and diverse selection of home furniture.

Purchasing dining chairs online on HomeTown helps you save travel time and allows you to shop conveniently. You can simply order the product from the comfort of your home rather than visiting multiple stores to choose the perfect product. You can buy dining table online and pay for it via internet banking. You can also opt for a credit card EMI option.


1. What are the best styles of dining chairs?

- The best style of dining chairs is a laid-back chair with cushioned backrest and seats. These are compact and comfortable. Moreover, these chairs fit in all styles of home and furniture.

2. What features should a dining chair set have?

- It is imperative that you keep in mind the ergonomic features of the chair including back support, lumbar support, height adjustment and comfort level while you explore dining chairs online.

3. Do dining room chairs have to match with my dining table and the rest of the furniture?

- It is essential for the dining room chairs to match or go in contrast with your dining table as they need to appear as a set.

4. How do I pick the right size dining table and dining chair set?

- Before you pick the dining table and dining chair set, make sure you measure the area of space where you want to place your dining table and dining chair set. Start by measuring the width and length of the dining space. Make sure you are leaving an extra room of about at least 3 inches around it. Then choose the seating and shift your focus to style, design, material and colour.

5. How do I choose a dining room chair?

- Make sure you leave 12 inch between the top of the dining chair and the bottom of the table. Make sure you pick out two different finishes but also have something in common. It is imperative to have at least one common coordinating element.


HomeTown is your one-stop destination for all your home decor requirements. We understand your needs and live up to those expectations. We aim at trimming down your physical need of travelling to the store by ensuring excellent online service and after sales service. Raining with discounts and offers, HomeTown makes sure you wouldn’t need to bargain to purchase a quality product. Check out HomeTown’s fine selection of elegant home furnishing and decor, stunning modular kitchens, astounding tableware and kitchenware, statement furniture and sleek bathware. Happy browsing!

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