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Dining Sets (130)

Dining Table Sets: Explore the Best Dining Set Collection at HomeTown

Let your dining table set speak your style and express voluminous grace with our chic and modern dining sets. Pick dining table chairs from the voguish dining table sets online at HomeTown, ranging from 4 seaters to 8 seaters. All our dining sets are ideal for a more unusual aspect of living. Dining table sets at HomeTown are designed with a factor to escalate the oomph factor of any space. Since a variety of dining furniture sets are available with us, choosing the right one can be a daunting task, if you’re buying the furniture for first time. You can be confused between rectangular and round dining table sets. If you choose the right dining set from collection of contemporary, modern and minimalist designs, it could make all the difference. We are giving here open-concepts to buy the right dining room furniture sets online at prices that suit your budget.

Dining Set Designs that Combine Comfort & Class

If there is any space in your home that keeps the family together, it’s your dining room. It’s a place that generates much attention. Which is why everyone wants the dining area to be elegant and spacious enough to accommodate all the family members. No matter if you have the latest, open-plan outline, merging your kitchen and living areas, or a more old-fashioned home where all these spaces are closed off – a set of elite-class dining room furniture with the latest dining set designs is a must. It’s these dining table set designs, which are most likely used by the family and the guests alike. That’s why at HomeTown we bring you a vast range of dining set designs, right within your budget. We house a variety of dining set designs online for your dining area in teak and finishes. So, you can match it with your overall décor scheme. Browse this page to see our elegant dining set design pieces and create a dining area that you'll actually want to eat in.

Consider Space Before Selecting the Dining Table Set Online

The space of your dining area has a vital role to play when it comes to purchasing furniture sets especially dining table sets online. Style the space without compromising on area. Make sure enough space is left after the dining table is placed so that chairs can move back and food can be served efficiently. There should be at least 4-feet space between the furniture and where you would like to place your dining table set.

Wooden Dining Table Sets at HomeTown

Once you’re done with space, evaluate what dining table set size would nicely fit the area. If you have a long and narrow room, a long rectangular wooden dining table set is good to go with. You can place it against a wall for only one side use, and still be functional. Or, you can choose to put it slightly away from the wall for more seating options. In case of small space, a round wooden dining table set is ideal. It takes less space, therefore is more suitable for small dining area. You can squeeze to adjust an extra chair or two. It’s advisable to measure the area exactly where your wooden dining sets will be placed.

Pick the Right Dining Sets That Speak Your Style

Pick dining furniture sets online that meet your taste. Let your aristocratic style reflect with beautiful dining table sets that are sure to be admired by many visitors. At HomeTown, you have great options such as 2 seater dining table set, 4 seater dining sets, 6 seater dining sets and 8 seater dining sets to choose from. Select a dining set online which would fit your lifestyle or elevate the décor of your dining room. Keep in mind that high back dining table chairs create formal settings whereas low back dining table chairs set the tone for a casual ambiance.

Browse Glass Dining Table Sets at HomeTown

Expertly designed glass dining table sets and open back dining chairs are perfect for longer sightlines. Round glass dining table sets can be used in both formal and informal occasions, owing to their dynamic design. Square dining tables look spectacular with its urban formation and excellent finish. For small sized dining areas, these tables will do the trick. For a casual get together, rectangular dining tables online make a great fit. With its seating capacity of more than eight people, you can invite over your friends for a dinner party.

Dining Table & Chair Materials

Selecting the best dining table set materials should be your priority. Among the two favorite sets are glass dining table sets and wooden dining table sets. Glass dining table sets are designed to play the magic of space, because they have the airy clear look, and they can reflect light. On the other hand, wooden dining table sets add a classic charm that can receive everyone’s attention. Make your choice based on which material is comfortable, and complements the color theme of the dining hall or room.

Buy Dining Table Set Online at HomeTown

If you’re on the hunt for something unique yet functional at the same time, explore our exceptional dining table set online collection. All our dining tables and sets undergo a rigorous quality check. You can match our dining sets with other chair designs available online at HomeTown. We have dining sets in a plethora of designs and sizes. So choose the perfect dining set online from us by exploring the vast dining table set collection at HomeTown today!