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Your dining table is the focal point of your dining room furniture . It’s a piece of furniture most used by family members and guests alike. It’s a type of table, which sets the mood of your dining area, makes it feel modern, cozy – whatever your preference is. At HomeTown, you can explore amazing collection of two seater dining table , four seater dining table , six seater dining table , eight seater dining table , dining chairs & dining sets . Every home deserves a unique dining table design. From wooden dining tables to designs in glass, we have it all. Explore dining table sets with price and find the one that's just right for you. It’s good to choose the right piece that combines function and style in order to be a central point of attraction of your living space. Before you start browsing dining table designs, it’s wise to have an idea of what you’re looking for.

Dining Table Online Shopping – Things to Consider

Types of Dining Table

When you explore our dining table designs, you will find different shapes, such as rectangular, round, square, and oval.

  • Rectangular Shape: Rectangular table shape is suitable for the traditional seating arrangement. This arrangement is best suited for a formal ambiance with the ends of the table being occupied by the senior-most (heads) people present. It is usually the preferred choice for most and is known for smooth functionality and elegant design. A rectangular shaped dining table is considered to be the most functional shape. Many people can fit comfortably for full casual drinks or full-course meals.

  • Square Shape: Square shape dining table is one of the modern styles available at HomeTown. Being the simplest dining table design, it displays the clean line you have created in your home. It’s perfect for a lavish room that looks long, compact and or narrow space. Along with a sleek look, square dining tables place guests closer together, encouraging more intimate conversations.

  • Round: Round shape dining table is ideal for a small-spaced room or dining area. It also promotes conversation among the entire members. When choosing a roundtable design from our online dining table collection consider the overall sturdiness and strength of the legs.

  • Oval: Oval shape keeps everyone within sight of each other, thereby creating a cozier ambiance and allowing easy conversation. Being similar to the round shape tables, small oval tables can accommodate six people. It’s an excellent choice to throw a kid’s party, extra big dinner, etc. Furthermore, oval shape provides a longer surface than the round tales.

Take Stock of Space

While buying dining table online for your dining room, take stock of space. Figure out you can style the room without compromising on space. Do keep in mind to have enough space for guests to sit and move around the table. Make sure the table you placed in your room has enough wall clearance so that seaters can move their chair back to get up. The chair should not touch the wall.

Material Matters

Considering materials is another factor to take into account when you are planning to buy a dining table online. At HomeTown, you can find dining sets, tables and chairs made of different materials such as glass, metal, wood, marble, solid wood, rubberwood, and many others. Glass dining tables enhance the illusion of space in your room. Wood dining table is a blend of endless beauty, robust quality, and contemporary styles. These days, marble has become a very popular choice as it can complement any décor. Metal dining tables are known for having spirit and styles.

Whatever your choice is, HomeTown has a vast collection of dining tables to buy from. Whether you want to purchase 8-seater dining table, a spacious 6-seater dining table, a compact 4-seater dining table or cozy 2-seater dining table, we have the perfect products to meet your needs.

The Height of the Tables

Height is one of the most significant factors to set the tone of the dining experience, and it carries an impact on what chairs you can buy. 30 inches (76 cm) from the ground is the standard height. Lower or higher size is more casual. Higher dining tables are perfect for pub and disk. If you want to have a more exotic experience, bring a very low table with seat cushions placed on the floor.

Shop Dining Tables at Best Price from HomeTown

HomeTown lets you choose from our exclusive online range of dining tables that will beautifully grace your space. You will definitely not run out of options when you shop here. The brand has stylish dining tables at discounted prices. When you know where to go to buy dining sets, why delay? Grab your favourite from and add utility and style to your home décor.