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Buy Bunk Beds for Kids Online

Want to exceed the number of available bedrooms as children are growing, right? Want to expand your household furniture as the number of children is increasing? Whether the number is rising, or children are turning out to be adults; bunk beds can be the solution to save adequate space. Fortunately, HomeTown offers you a vast variety of children bunk beds online.

Purchase Children's Bunk Beds

Children's Bunk beds are ultimate space-saving beds. While our regular bunk beds for kids come with a similar design equipped with a chair, they are made of different materials and have different styles, sizes, and colors. We also have some useful features such as storage drawers and shelves for elevating your kid's room furniture. If your kids are lazy, our bunk beds are the best method to encourage them to leave the bed since they will love coming down from the bed. These beds also provide overflow sleeping space for adult guests, especially in second homes.

Bunk Bed Designs for Kids

Ceiling height - Ceiling height should be your top priority when purchasing bunk beds online. You should keep in mind that a child or a person who will be sleeping on top needs to be able to “sit up without bumping their head. If the ceiling height is too low to keep bunk beds, don’t buy one. At HomeTown, we provide correct information about our bunk bed designs. Read the descriptions of the product before going to buy. Positioning bunk beds – Once you buy the right bunk beds at HomeTown, your next step should be to consider how you can place it. Don’t stack beds on top of the one another, as it is not the only option. You can find some bunk beds online at HomeTown that are designed in a way that they can be positioned perpendicular. They are omitted altogether to make room for a desk. Choosing Accessories: What accessories do you need? It’s always a good idea to add some accessories on each bed level. It lets your children read something. While choosing such accessories, make sure you select the correct kid's wooden bunk bed. Go for standard features and styles while keeping in mind your kid's bunk bed. Ensure Enough Space After you place a bunk bed in your kids’ room, you need to have a minimum of three and a half feet space to walk in and walkout. There should be space between the ceiling and mattress. But it depends on the age of the child. Measure Heights: Measuring the height from the floor to the ceiling is a must before choosing a bunk bed online. There should be at least 2 feet of space between the top bunk and the ceiling. It’s essential to measure the height of your son or daughter as well to avoid bumping their head. Drawer Units: Some models of our bunk models feature drawer units or add a trundle. Make sure they fit the underneath of the bottom bunk beds. Trundle bed can pull out to let your room be used by a third person to sleep while not taking up floor space during the day.

Kids Bunk Beds With Storage at HomeTown

We have a variety of models of bunk beds. Some of them are twin over twin, twin over double, Full over Time, loft beds, etc. When purchasing, do consider all the things mentioned above. Also, avail discounts on kids bunk beds & shop from the kid's furniture bunk beds collection today.