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Benches are one of the most stereotyped pieces of furniture. The moment we try to picture a bench, we position a sleek, wooden carved bench positioned in a park or a classroom. Surprisingly, benches have evolved over the years and have now invaded the grounds of your home. Today, benches are fairly classified as garden benches, living room benches, bedroom benches, patio benches and so on. Benches no longer just serve the purpose of seating. Crafted out of various materials in different shapes and sizes, benches adorn your interiors and give your home an extra bit of chic, comfy flair. Charming and versatile, benches beautifully stand out in the corner or any space of the house. A bench can be easily pulled up against an empty wall to elevate the interiors and utilize the space.


A great way to stretch your space and make sure there is a seat for everyone, finding the right bench is quite important. As you embark on your search to find a bench that will not only please your eyes but also take the weight off your feet, quickly run by these questions to make a sound choice.

- What bench design are you specifically looking for?

- Will it accommodate the number of people you intend to buy it for?

- Does the selected bench fit well in the room?

- Does it match your interiors and your comfort?

- What specific material are you looking for when you are planning to buy bench online?

- Does the bench fall into your budget?


Benches are durable, ultra-comfortable and double as a chic piece of furniture. Whether it is for the living room or bedroom or office space, benches add a touch of style and cater to the seating needs. They are sleek, low on maintenance and fit almost anywhere. Understanding these inherent functions of a bench, we have picked out some of the most elegant styles of benches available on HomeTown.

Wooden bench

A wooden bench remains the favourite on account of its durability, traditional appearance and solid structure. A wooden bench is a lasting addition to your furniture collection. They not only provide extra seating but also add a rustic, natural charm to your interiors.

Living room bench

Designed to complement sofa and accent chairs, the living room bench comes in soft upholstery that accentuates the living space and seating experience. The living room bench can also create a subtle partition between the living and dining room.

2 seater bench

The 2 seater bench is a perfect choice for smaller apartments. The 2 seater bench can be easily placed in any part of your home. Smaller apartments do not have specific dining areas. However, you can create one by buying a 2 seater dining table and increase its seating capacity with a 2 seater bench. Also, you can place it in any corner of the living room and transform that space into your dining area.

3 seater bench

Ideal for a nuclear family, a 3 seater bench measuring about 48 inches is perfect. Available in various materials, the 3 seater bench can sit up against the wall.

Dining table with bench

Accompanying the dining table set with chairs, the bench also forms a part of the dining table set. Offering a more informal setting, the dining table with a bench helps in squeezing in more people at the dinner table. Comfortable and sturdy, a dining table with a bench is used in compact areas. The bench can be shoved under the table when not in use.

Vanity bench seats

Vanity benches come in smaller sizes and can accommodate only one person. Vanity benches are positioned in bathrooms or greenrooms, thereby helping to get ready effortlessly.

Hallway or entryway benches

Designed specifically for hallway and entryway areas, these benches are one of the most practical seating options. These benches functionally help you to sit down to wear or remove your footwear.

Storage benches

One of the modern wonders, these benches not only serve as a seating option but also doubles as a storage unit. All one has to do is lift the top of the bench to store items in the unit.

Bedroom benches

These benches are generally placed at the foot of the bed. They act as a footrest. To create informal seating, bedroom benches can also be positioned by the window to create a lounging area.


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Frequently asked questions

1. Are benches comfortable?

- Benches are meant for seating. If placed against the wall, a bench can be just as comfortable as a reclining chair. Thereby allowing the user to lie down.

2. How thick should a bench seat be?

- A bench longer than 36 inch may require a thicker top than the average 10 x 36 x 1 thickness.

3. What is the standard bench depth?

- The standard bench depth is about 15-20 inch.

4. What is a comfortable bench height?

- 18 inch is a comfortable bench height.

5. Should a dining bench be as long as the dining table?

- Yes. The dining bench length should be equal to or slightly shorter than the dining table’s length.


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