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Shop for End tables Online at HomeTown

Imagine you are engrossed in a book, sipping coffee in your balcony, and suddenly your phone rings. Where will you keep the book and the cup? For this you need an end table. Side table or end tables are a multi-purpose piece of furniture that you can use to store and place home decor items at the corner of the bed or sofa set. You can place side tables for living room beside your sofa set, in the corner of the drawing-room, or in your bedroom or patio. If you are looking for bedroom side tables, you can opt for a side table with drawers where you can store your medicines, books, and keys too. Depending on the decor of the house, you can opt for a wooden side table or a glass side table.

Where can you place End Tables?

Bedroom - Bedrooms are an excellent place to have a side table. You can keep your first aid, medicines, important documents, and other stuffs in its drawers to keep them in your immediate reach. Moreover, if you like to sleep in the dark, but only after you have read a book tucked in bed, you can place a lamp and an alarm clock at the end table for convenience. Living room- You can place an end table in the living room to keep telephones, television remotes, keys, telephone directories, etc. You can also buy an end table with a shelf or footrest to store books, small plants, and decor items. Patio- End tables can also be placed in a balcony with an accent chair or a swing. You can comfortably place your phone, book, or a cup of coffee while you are enjoying the breeze or sunset outside. However, consider the material of the side table too. It should not be a material that easily gets damaged or discolored in the sun and air. Verandah- End tables look good in spacious verandah or gallery too. You can place small photo frames on them or a Feng Shui item. If you get sunlight, you can also place a small pot or succulents on them for a fresh look.

What are the different ranges of Side Tables?

You can explore the following ranges while buying side table and end table.

  • Larix
  • Tudor
  • Tuskar
  • Joss
  • Prestige
  • Sienna

Buy Side Tables Online at HomeTown

With Hometown you can easily shop for side tables online. With its user-friendly interface, you can navigate through many options and choose the one that you like. You can select the price, material, discount range, and color of the side table through the filters. In Hometown, you get a detailed description of the product you choose. They provide you the correct dimension, color, and material of the end table so that can you compare other furniture of the house and then buy a side table that complements them. Moreover, furniture on Hometown is made from superior quality wood material and is assembled by experts. Hometown provides free shipping and also one year warranty against any manufacturing defect.

What are the various Side Tables for sale on Hometown?

You can browse through several designs of side tables for sale in Hometown. You can explore the different materials like steel, wood, or glass top end table. You can also experiment with different colors and patterns. For a bedroom, you can buy a set of 2 or 3 side tables of the same designs to be placed at the different corners. You can also utilize heavy discounts on the side table online sale in Hometown.

What all can you buy in Hometown?

In Hometown, you can explore the different patterns and designs of sofa sets, beds, wardrobes, arm chairs , kitchen furniture , study and office furniture , and many more. You can also shop for home furnishing like bed and pillow covers, curtains, rugs, and mats. Moreover, to complete the look of the house, you can further explore the home town for home decor items like plants, candle stand, lanterns, paintings, vases, mirrors, clocks, etc.

What are end tables?

An end table is a small table with or without drawers placed at the side of bed or sofa to keep small decor items or small utility items like key, cup, etc.

What material is best for end tables?

End tables are majorly made from different types of wood with or without a glass top. Though some of them are made from steel, wood is usually the best as it is durable, elegant, and sturdy.

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