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A living room is incomplete without a sofa set and a few relaxing chairs. However today, recliners – the new-age seating wonder – are replacing these traditional seating accessories by offering extreme comfort. Personifying an uber level of relaxation, the versatile functionality of recliners goes beyond just classifying it as a placate piece of furniture.

Ideally installed in living rooms, a recliner chair or recliner sofa is known for its reclining mechanism which enhances your comfort. Light in weight as compared to sofas, recliners can be easily moved within the house. A recliner chair not only offers comfort at the click of a button but also enhances your living room to a unique lounge-like experience. Offering the luxuries of power adjustable headrests, padded armrests, tech-savvy designs and high-quality fabric, HomeTown offers stunning recliner prices at a great value with huge discounts.

Besides, recliners are also known to offer health benefits. Common among people suffering from backaches and other orthopedic issues, a recliner chair boasts of health benefits as it can be manoeuvred until you find your comfortable seating position. On account of its adjustable backrest, it eases spinal pressure and causes instant relief. Its full extended armrest and headrests improve blood circulation. Its lounging function backed with support enhances easier blood flow and opens respiratory passageways. It is not enough to say how relaxing a recliner chair is. It simply melts away your stress and rejuvenates your body.


A recliner is not only a luxurious addition to your home but also a type of chair that would make you sit and lay back comfortably at the click of a button.

Before you kick start your shopping spree, there are a few things that you need to consider before buying a recliner. It is of utter importance to keep in the mind the location of your recliner. The place where you are going to place your recliner will determine its size and shape. If there is enough space for a recliner to sit comfortably, you can buy a standard recliner chair or a recliner sofa set including recliner sofa single and double seat without worrying about it hitting the wall when you recline it fully. However, if you are falling short of space, go for recliners that are smaller in size and the ones that don’t recline back a lot. Also, remember to keep in mind its style which needs to match your interiors. Here is a rundown of a few factors that you need to keep in mind before you buy a relaxing chair.

- What type of recliner are you planning to buy?

- Will the recliner be able to accommodate the number of people you intend to buy it for?

- Do the recliner’s colour, upholstery, size and style match your interiors?

- Where do you plan to place your recliner? Will it fit there well once fully reclined back?

- What functionalities are you specifically looking for in a recliner?

- Does the selected recliner price fit your budget?


Back in the day, a recliner chair would recline back with the help of a lever that was attached to its side. One thing that affects the performance of a recliner sofa is the material that is used. The material and cushion are the essence of any chair. With the advancement of technology, recliners today are available not only in a variety of shapes and sizes but are power-backed with numerous mechanisms and functionality. Although the infinite pool of recliners may drown you down, HomeTown ensures to brush up your knowledge and elevate your decision-making skills in choosing a fine recliner. From a wooden recliner chair to power recliners to recliners with USB ports and cup holders, check out the astounding collection of recliners on HomeTown.

Classic recliner

The simplest form of recliner chair, the classic recliner comes with easy-to-use features in a contemporary framework.

Wooden recliner chair

Traditional and timeless, the wooden recliner chair is elegant and cosy. A perfect rustic addition to your interiors, a wooden recliner chair is crafted out of wood with minimal framework and offers the same high-quality reclining functions as any other relaxing chair.

Power lift recliner

Catering to luxurious comfort, the power lift recliner reclines back with the help of remote control or a button on the armrest. A piece of modern-day luxury furniture, the power lift recliner smoothly reclines back towards the floor and back up straight, offering the ultimate relaxing experience. These recliners come with cordless battery options as well.

Wallaway recliner

The Wallaway recliner is designed for small spaces. Its body moves up and forward as you recline back, thereby giving you the liberty to place it near to a wall without having to worry about blocking its path when in use.

Recliner sofa set

One of the comfortable pieces of furniture, the recliner sofa set is slowly replacing the traditional sofa set. With the dual comfort of leaning back with your feet up as well as sitting down, the recliner sofa set is the epitome of comfort. A recliner sofa set is available in variations of a single recliner sofa, two-seater recliner sofa and three-seater recliner sofa.


Nothing beats the comfort of a recliner chair. Be it for binge-watching, or a family night or an afternoon nap, recliners perfectly double up as a relaxing chair and furniture piece. Catering to varied styles, designs and functions, a recliner should effortlessly mingle with the furniture of your home. Discover HomeTown’s extensive range of recliners which are not only comfortable but are pocket-friendly as well.

You need to adjust your recliner in such a way that it does not touch or hit the wall once you recline it fully. Generally, nearly 5 inches to 10 inches distance needs to be maintained between the wall and the recliner. Despite a recliner’s versatility, they are available in limited neutral colours such as dark shades, and pastel and beige hues. Recliners are hardly ever seen in print. Don’t let that limit your hunt. Throw in colourful pillows to brighten up your muted recliners. It is highly recommended to add a recliner chair to compliment your recliner sofa. An extra recliner in the room will not harm, in fact, it will lighten up the ambience.

Recliners are commonly available in leather, fabric, high-performance fabric and polyurethane. While a leather recliner offers a luxurious touch to your interiors, fabric recliners cater to develop a soft and cosy ambience. Leather-made recliners have a longer shelf life compared to fabric recliners. However, fabric recliners are easy to clean and low on maintenance. Close to leather is polyurethane – a synthetic material that offers a soft and smooth texture. Not only is it cheaper, polyurethane is also easy to maintain and it delivers the same touch of luxurious comfort as leather. The high-performance fabric is the most sought after fabric choice, especially when you have kids. The fabric is resistant to stains, easy to clean, and despite being soft and thick, it is breathable and affordable.


Recliners are available in many variants and each of these variants is priced differently. However, one thing is common, all the recliners online on HomeTown are quite reasonable. Thanks to reasonable recliner chair prices, you can now save and shop more at HomeTown. With discounts ranging from 20 per cent to 80 per cent, HomeTown also offers clearance sales and other hot deals on recliners. When you have the option of buying your favourite recliner online on HomeTown, then why wait? Check out our website which features a wide variety of recliners ranging from recliner sofa set, single recliner sofa to wooden recliner chair at a reasonable price. Eliminating the efforts of travelling to a store, HomeTown’s products are just a click away. If you are unable to pick a recliner, get in touch with our live support. We are sure to guide you in buying the best!


1. Is it worth buying a recliner?

- Although recliners are more expensive than a sofa set, the features of a recliner are worth the investment.

2. Does a recliner sofa come apart?

- Most of the recliner sofas come apart. Its seats are generally locked together with connector units.

3. How do I pick a recliner size which would be compatible with my space?

- Once you have shortlisted a recliner, compare its size with that of your space where you plan to place it. Measure the width of the recliner from one end of the armrest to the other. Make sure you are considering its outer edge. Now recline the recliner fully. Measure the length of the recliner from the top of the headrest to its footrest. Now measure the area where you plan to place your recliner. Always compare the dimensions of the recliner with the area where you plan to place it.


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