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Sofa Cum Beds (11)

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Buy the best Sofa Cum Bed at HomeTown

In urban homes, where ‘square foot’ often determines your comfort, a sofa cum bed can be a great relief. Without cluttering your house, a sofa bed works both as a bed and a sofa whenever and however needed. If your guest room is not big enough to accommodate a full-size bed, you can instead place a folding sofa come bed. With a modern sofa come bed you need not sleep on cramped sofas any more or worry about making arrangements for your guest. At Hometown you can get a whole variety of designer sofa bed. If you want to place your bed come sofa set in a corner, a single sofa come bed would be sufficient. However, if you have a larger space, you can opt for an l shape sofa come bed. At Hometown you can also experiment with its material. You can either buy a metal sofa come bed or sofa come bed in steel. You can also choose a wooden sofa come bed if you are confused about purchasing a sofa or a bed.

Some benefits of Sofa Cum Beds

Easy to use and manage- You need not put in unnecessary efforts to shift your sofa to lay down mattresses when guest arrive. Just use your sofa bed as a makeshift bed as it is with just a pull out mechanism. Space saver- A lot of space is saved when you keep a sofa cum bed at home. You neither use a sofa nor a bed all the time. Having this two in one piece of furniture will save your house from unnecessary clutter. Save money - You need not invest in two different furniturepiece when one can suffice for both kind of furniture. A sofa bed can be easily used as a sofa when a guest visits you, and as a bed, when they plan to stay overnight.

Different ranges of Sofa Cum Beds on HomeTown

There are many sofa come bed ranges in India. Some of them are given below-

  • Walter
  • Rome
  • Liana
  • Caroline

Get the best Sofa Cum Bed at great prices on HomeTown

The price of the sofa cum bed depends upon the style and design you choose

Sr No. Product Name Price
1 Willis Fabric Sofa Cum Bed in Brown Colour by HomeTown ₹15,783
2 Caroline Solid Wood Sofa cum Bed in Beige Colour by HomeTown ₹54,990
3 Shine Plywood Sofa Cum bed in Brown Colour by HomeTown ₹44,990
4 Caroline Solid Wood Sofa cum Bed in Grey Colour by HomeTown ₹54,990
5 Arthur Fabric Sofa Cum Bed in Beige Colour by HomeTown ₹23,222

Purchase Sofa Cum Bed Online at HomeTown

While sitting in the comforts of your home, you can buy online sofa cum bed easily. At Hometown it is easy to purchase a sofa come bed within a few clicks. You can either go to its website or use Hometown’s mobile app to buy sofa come bed. Once you have explored all the designs available, you can use the filters to further narrow down your options. You can choose the material, price, color and discount range to find the best sofa come bed for you. Furniture at Hometown is assembled by experts and skilled carpenters and are made from superior quality materials and wood. It is further hand polished and covered with best quality fabric and foam mattresses. There are various sizes of sofa come bed available in Hometown so that you can buy the one which fits best in your house.

Grab best Sofa Cum Bed Offers Online on HomeTown

At Hometown, you can buy a sofa bed at the best possible price with up to 80% discount. They also provide one year warranty against all manufacturing defect. With Hometown, you get products without paying any shipping charges. You also get EMI options when you shop at Hometown.

What else can you find in Hometown?

While purchasing a sofa cum bed, you can also explore other furniture options on Hometown. You can shop for beds, wardrobes, sofa sets and side tables. Moreover, you can also look at the various options of serving trolleys, bar stools, dressing tables, recliners, and lounges etc. for your home. They also have a wide range of home furnishing and home decor items like curtains, sofa covers, pillows, mirrors, photo frames, paintings, wall accents, lamps, idols, fountains, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Sofa Cum Bed?

A sofa cum bed is a sofa or a couch that also has a provision of bed. It has a metal frame underneath with a mattress. You can open the folding below the sofa and turn it into a bed whenever needed.

What are different materials of Sofa Cum Beds?

Sofa cum beds are made of different varieties of wood, along with steel and metal. The fabric used is generally cloth, but can also be leather.

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