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Get the best TV Units to keep your Home organized on HomeTown

A home is always incomplete without a TV set as it brings together the entire family. You all gather around the TV to watch movies, shows, live sports and enjoy discussing it with your family members during ad breaks. Hence, a TV unit becomes an important piece of furniture after your sofa and the center table. You should also get an aesthetically beautiful and appealing TV unit that not only serves the purpose of organizing your set-top box and dozens of wires which comes with it but also makes your living room or drawing room look nicer. It also lets you keep your home organized without having to see the clutter lying around. TV units help you keep your television safe and away from dust. The chances of damaging your TV reduces drastically when you use a TV unit.

You can choose from a full-fledged TV entertainment sets to TV wall cabinets and TV cupboard to make your living room look better as per your requirements. Most people like to have a TV set in their living room or the drawing-room. You can also choose a modern TV unit design or a LED TV cabinet which might work the best for you.

Different Types of TV Units Based On Specification

Now we all know that TV units are here to help us to keep up with the trends and add a unique touch to our living rooms or drawing rooms, so let us help you choose one of the best TV units for you.

TV cabinet:

If you have enough space in your living room, we recommend you to go for a TV cabinet. A TV cabinet comes with some storage facilities along with enough space to install your showpieces like vases, and photographs, to name a few. By using TV cabinets effectively, you can bring out the beauty of your living room very effectively.

TV wall units:

Although, if you are someone who has a relatively small room and prefers having something that can help save space, you must go for TV wall units. TV wall units go on the wall, as the name suggests, and helps you maintain the space without having to worry about your TV set.

TV cupboard:

Nowadays when things are becoming expensive, we try to find something that is multipurpose and can do more a secondary function too. For example, a study table with a drawer so we don’t have to buy a different cupboard, or a wardrobe with dressing table so we don’t need an extra mirror. Similarly, your TV units can also do two things at a time. Therefore, we have TV cupboards. You can have a TV cupboard for your books, files, clothes and bedsheets. Plus, as the name suggests, it can also hold your TV set and surrounded accessories.

TV entertainment unit:

A full-fledged TV entertainment unit can be your way to go if you are a big movie or entertainment buff. It can hold an entertainment unit, TV set, speakers and a lot more. A TV entertainment unit is a good way to spice up your weekends on the days when you can’t go out. It would also be a great option to turn your home into a house party venue for friends or family.

Types of TV Units available on under HomeTown

It is always recommended that before you buy a TV set make sure you have decided on the type, design, and size. Some of these types are listed down below:

Modern TV unit:

If you have decided to buy a modern TV unit then do consider the space available in your house and buy the piece accordingly. Along with space, give equal consideration to designs because that will help you upgrade your home furniture to better looks.

LED TV unit:

You might be fascinated by LED TVs and LED SMART TVs available out there. As exciting it is to have an LED TV for yourself, a LED TV unit should also be on your mind if you are planning to buy a LED TV. LED TV cannot be installed on an old styled TV unit because it is slim and wider than traditional TV sets. LED TV unit comes in multiple designs and colours from which you can choose accordingly.

Wall mounted TV unit:

You might enjoy your television shows with popcorn and drinks on your bed, with maximum comfort. Since bedrooms are smaller as compared to your living rooms you might feel the need for utilizing your wall. You can, therefore, have a TV set installed in your bedroom with the help of a wall-mounted TV unit. Wall-mounted TV unit can be installed in your living room and bedroom and its plus point is that it occupies very little space, so do consider it if you are facing space constraints.

Simple TV unit:

If the size of your TV is small and if you do not want to spend so much on buying a big TV unit then you can definitely go for a simple TV unit. A simple TV unit will not only help you save money but also add simplicity in the best possible way out to your bedroom or living room.

Corner TV unit:

These days a lot of TV units are coming up with innovative designs and corner TV unit is one of them. Placed at the corner of your bedroom or living room, the corner TV unit can be used for placing your TV over it and it will consume comparatively less space, quite useful if you are lacking space inside your house.

Hall TV unit:

You may find it hard to believe but now hall TV unit is also available in HomeTown and is specifically designed for the living room of the house. The hall TV unit can only be installed in your living so do make sure you choose the design that goes along with the interiors of your living room.

Bedroom TV unit:

There has to be a dedicated TV unit at HomeTown for Bedroom if we have a dedicated Hall TV unit for you. Bedroom TV unit is designed to fulfil a specific purpose that is to fit well inside a bedroom without causing much inconvenience. Thanks to its utility, the bedroom TV unit is increasingly becoming popular among the people.

TV cabinet for living room:

At HomeTown, you can find a perfect TV cabinet for your living room in various designs that will suit any living room. It also comes with some storage facilities like drawers and storage areas to keep daily usage items like keys, papers, pen, TV remote, DVD player remote, AC remote, and dairies, to name a few. Such TV units are a long term investment and proper measurements of your living room must be taken before setting out to buy it.

TV cabinet for bedroom:

HomeTown also offers TV cabinets for your bedroom which is designed in a way that it easily blends with your bedroom and enhances the beauty of bedroom furniture. A TV cabinet for your bedroom is slightly different from a TV cabinet for your living room, the TV cabinet for bedroom has a much higher storage space in which you can store all your bedroom requirements like bedsheets and pillows.

All the above-listed types and varieties are available in HomeTown and you can choose the products as per your requirements.

Availability of TV unit range on HomeTown

On HomeTown, you will find a range of TV units which can be installed in your living room and bedrooms. It has been stated above that these products are available in many designs, sizes, and colours. Following is a list of TV unit range available under HomeTown:

    Acacia Wood:

  • Nordland
  • Engineered Wood:

  • Lyton
  • Missouri
  • Sheesham Wood (Rose Wood):

  • Hope
  • Kepler
  • Solid Wood:

  • Prestige
  • Woodrow

There was a time when solid wood was preferred by many manufacturers to manufacture TV units. But with changing times people are increasingly demanding TV units which are lighter in weight and attractive in designs. This has led to an increase in demand for TV units made up of engineered wood. This wood is light in weight, more robust, more durable and can be easily assembled and disassembled when it is required to be transported.

Thanks to these qualities and increasing demand that many manufacturers have started manufacturing TV units made up of engineered wood.

Buy TV unit at a reasonable price

We Indians are a little price sensitive and if you too are price sensitive then there is no need to worry. You can now buy multiple TV units from HomeTown at affordable prices from HomeTown. It has reasonable TV unit prices and also some special discounts to help you focus on savings and still get you the best product for your home. Under HomeTown, there will be the same type of TV unit offered by different brands under different prices. So you can make a choice on which TV unit to buy after considering price along with design and size. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the quality since the brands available on HomeTown are known for their high-quality furniture products.

Buy TV unit online from HomeTown

You can now buy amazing TV units online at HomeTown. You can browse through various categories, designs and prices of different TV unit range online from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is visit the HomeTown app or Website from your phone/laptop, go through various designs and categories, choose the one you liked and order it online. Once you have placed the order, you can sit back and enjoy your day. Your chosen furniture will reach your doorsteps in a matter of a few days. You can buy a TV unit online and pay using online payment options like debit cards credit cards, and you can also apply for EMI payments.

In case you are confused with regards to selecting the best TV unit through online mode, then not to worry. HomeTown offers services that will guide you in buying the best for yourself.

Check for the offers on TV units sale by HomeTown

At HomeTown, you get to participate in various shopping sales which get you amazing discounts. There are summer sale, hot deals and clearance sales. You can get discounts ranging from 20% to 80% to help you save enough on your shopping. So do make the right decision and shop for TV units in HomeTown and enjoy its benefits.

Now that you are done with the shopping of TV units you must shift your attention towards other products which HomeTown showcases. Products like dining table sets, electronics, curtains, soap dispensers, bedsheets and many more are available on HomeTown.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which wood is best for TV units?

TV units are manufactured using various kinds of woods like engineered wood, Sheesham wood, and solid wood and these days engineered wood is the first choice of many manufacturers.

What are the different types of TV Units?

Currently there different types of TV units to suit different requirements of customers. Some of these types are LED TV units, TV cabinets, TV wall units, and TV wall cabinets, to name a few.

What type of TV Unit is best for the bedroom?

It depends on the availability of space inside the bedroom, if there is less space inside the bedroom then wall units will be the better option or else TV cabinets will do the job.

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