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Double Bed Mattress

Sleep is extremely essential for all humans as it is that phase wherein our mind and body recover from the day-to-day ordeals. Given that we spend a substantial amount of time resting on our beds, it is imperative to pay attention to the right mattress. A comfortable mattress can go a long way to help you wake up refreshed every morning.

A double bed mattress is ideal for couples as well as individuals depending upon the size of the bed available in the bedrooms. You can find elegant, comfortable and ergonomic mattresses for a variety of bed sizes, in different materials, thicknesses, and firmness at incredible prices at HomeTown.

Factors To Keep in Mind While Choosing a Double Bed Mattress:

Double bed mattresses come in a variety of styles, designs, prices and materials. Here are some of the important parameters to keep in mind when purchasing a double bed mattress.

The firmness of the double bed mattress

Choosing how firm your mattress should be, depends upon your ergonomic requirements pertaining to your back or body posture or even specific instructions from the concerned medical expert. Some people are comfortable on a firm mattress while others enjoy the comfort of a softer mattress. At HomeTown, you will find a wide range of double bed mattresses which are soft, medium soft, firm, or medium firm.

The size of the double bed mattress

You will find double bed mattresses to suit any bed size that you have. You can choose a double bed mattress of a specific height and width on our website as well.

Double bed mattress that meets your specific needs

There are also specific double bed mattresses that are specially designed for those who have issues with their spine or postures. These are double bed orthopaedic mattresses that provide comfort to people with related issues. Others with the need to improve blood circulation can consider buying spring mattresses. Remember to consult an orthopaedic expert before buying one of these.

Hometown’s Uber Comfortable Collection of Double Bed Mattresses

Whether you are a back sleeper, front sleeper or a side sleeper, HomeTown offers an unmatched collection of comfortable and durable doubles bed mattresses for those looking to buy a new double bed mattress for their homes.

Double bed mattresses can be a perfect choice for any couple or individual. A double bed spring mattress has become a popular choice among consumers. A double bed foam mattress works wonders for those who want to add pressure point relief, alignment support and motion isolation to their daily sleeping time. Double bed cotton mattresses are also a good comfortable choice. A double bed folding mattress is a great space saver for those who are looking to optimize their limited space.

Once you have decided on the perfect double bed mattress to choose from our wide range, you can also go through our collection of beds, bed sheets, blankets, pillows and quilts on our website to complete all your bedroom shopping needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What materials are used to make Double Bed Mattresses?
    2. - Double bed mattresses are made from pocket spring, Bonnell spring, coir, HR foam, memory foam and bonded foam.

    3. What is the average double bed mattress price at HomeTown?
    4. - At HomeTown, the double mattress price ranges from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 87,000. More detailed information on double bed foam mattress prices and double bed spring mattress prices is available on our website.

    5. What are the dimensions of the double bed mattresses available?
    6. - At HomeTown, you can get double bed mattresses with heights between 100 MM to 260 MM and widths of 1210 MM to 1220 MM.

    7. Which brands of double bed mattresses are available at HomeTown?
    8. - On our website, you will find comfortable double bed mattresses from HomeTown, Kurl-On, Livpure, Napcloud, Peps and Springfit.

    9. What deals and discounts are available to buy a double bed mattress online?
    10. - At HomeTown, you will find great discounts on purchasing a double bed mattress online going up to 40% and above. We also offer great financing options such as EMI and payment through several payment channels to make it more convenient for our customers to buy double mattresses online.

    11. Does HomeTown also offer other types of mattresses?
    12. - You will find mattresses of all sizes at HomeTown. In addition to double bed mattresses online, we also have a range of single bed mattresses, king bed mattresses and queen bed mattresses.

    13. What is the difference between a twin mattress and a double mattress?
    14. - A twin bed mattress has dimensions of 38 x 76 inches while a double bed mattress has dimensions of 54 x 75 inches.

    15. How long does a mattress usually last?
    16. - The average life of a good quality mattress is seven years. After that, you may find mattresses lose their firmness and start to sag.

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