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The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed residential places into work and study zones. Studying on the sofa or bed not only affects your productivity but also hampers your body posture. Besides, sitting on a random chair would be of no help either. Regular plastic chairs put a lot of pressure on hip joints while sitting on a dining chair for long hours can tighten your shoulder and neck muscles.

A good study chair encourages good posture and enhances productivity. A study chair is designed to support the body while sitting in a study position. Since we have started investing long hours sitting and studying due to the pandemic, it is vital you pick a good chair that would support your posture and ease your muscles.


Having a comfortable chair that supports your body and increases your productivity is the need of the hour. And choosing a good comfortable study chair from the plethora of chairs can be a tiring process. However, HomeTown ensures jotting down the best study chairs to ease your worry. We have finely curated the list keeping in mind a few factors when you buy study chair online. Beginning with specifications and features, you need to be thorough with its features including adjustment screws, buttons, comfort and affordability. Nobody would want to invest in a product that is expensive with basic features. Before buying a study chair online make sure you consider the following listed factors:

- What type of study chair are you looking to buy?

- What specific material are you looking for when you are planning to buy study chair online?

- Do you intend to mix the study chair with the rest of your interior or keep it up in harmony with the space?

- Does it match your comfort?

- Does the study chair fall into your budget?


Look no further as your search for study chairs online shopping ends here at HomeTown. With a fine collection of study chair for students and working professionals, HomeTown has picked out the best keeping in mind the chair’s overall structure, comfort, support and sturdiness. Sitting back for long hours can do a number on your body. Hence, picking a good, comfortable study chair is imperative as it will help in maintaining a good posture. Check out study chair cost at reasonable prices and discounts...

Wooden study chair

An essential unit of the study table, the wooden study chair is made from solid wood such as teak, mango, sheesham and so on. A wooden study chair is durable, sturdy and versatile, and its aesthetic, traditional design adorns your interiors.

High back chair with neck rest

These study chairs are best suited for long study sessions. The high back angle of the chair supports the major parts of the body including the neck, shoulders and lower back in particular. These study chairs often come with adjustable neck rest.

Mid back mesh study chair

Often seen in offices, the mid back mesh chair can also be used for studying. Visually less imposing, these chairs enhance the surroundings and make the space look more spacious as compared to high back chairs. As ergonomic as a high back chair, the mid back mesh chair can tilt and recline, and comes with a backrest to ease the shoulder area.

Forward tilting study chair

While studying, our eyes are fixated downward on the surface of the desk as compared to sitting straight and looking at a computer screen. The forward tilting study chair is designed in such a way that its seat can tilt forward and avoids any strain on the neck and shoulder.

Active sitting study chair

The active sitting study chair aims at micro-movements as the user sits on it, thereby eliminating the need to sit straight for hours.

Flip up arm study chair

One of the most common types of study chairs is the flip up arm study chair. Designed to fit into small and tight spaces on account of its dismissible arms, these chairs can be tucked under the desk when not in use, thereby offering enough floor space.

Leather study chair

A luxurious option, a leather study chair is designed keeping in mind comfort and style. Leather study chairs offer adjustable height and lumbar support, thereby making them customizable to suit your needs.

Foldable study chair

The foldable study chair is perfect for small, compact rooms. Its foldable mechanism helps in stowing away the chair when not in use. Foldable study chairs are available in a variety of materials and are quite affordable.


Kids tend to sit in random positions. They hardly understand when they are slouching, let alone understand a poor posture. Therefore, it is important to pick the right study chair as the wrong one could affect the body posture, muscles and tissues, thereby restricting blood circulation and harming the nerves.

Designed with lumbar support and a pressure-sensitive brake mechanism, HomeTown offers study chairs that are good for your posture and also stylish. Our distinctive range of study chairs is simply adorned with style and comfort. If you are looking for a high resilience fabric-made study chair at reasonable rates, then you will not find a better selection than ours. With such a fine assortment of study chair online, HomeTown offers reasonable study chair price including timely sales and discounts. Avail EMI options and enjoy unbelievable discounts of up to 80 per cent on your purchases.


1. Is a high back study chair a better option?

- Comfortable and medically approved, high back study chairs are best suited for long hours of sitting. They provide comfortable support to the user’s neck and back.

2. What features should a study chair have?

- It is imperative that you keep in mind the ergonomic features of the chair including back support, lumbar support, height adjustment and comfort level while you explore study chair online shopping.

3. What are the benefits of a good study chair?

- A good study chair increases productivity, reduces body pain, balances the stress level of the body and enhances body posture.

4. How do I choose a study chair for students?

- It is important you consider the seat height and seat width and depth while buying a study chair for students. The seat should ideally have enough width and depth to support the body, while the height of the seat should be easily adjustable.

5. Is it good to buy a study chair online?

Yes. Buying online not only saves the trouble of physically visiting stores but also helps in availing numerous offers and discounts with the benefit of door-step delivery and online transaction.


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