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Our two scents on candles: Worth investing in

With the temperatures dropping and all of us cuddled up within the confines of your home with cups of tea and a good read, the scent-filled flicker of your one and only, most-loved, choicest fragrance candle can be both therapeutic and enticing. What we’re saying is simple: Even if you find yourself stuck in the city, the most ingeniously crafted and designed perfume candles can transport you to a paradise far beyond imagination. We’re thinking of scented candles that cater to all your wanderlust needs and take you to places far and wide. Imagine lush gardens, tropical getaways, or even some larger-than-life resorts. If you purchase a glass candle or buy any kind of scented candles online, you’re sure to be transported somewhere far away. A candle's price is likely to fluctuate depending on what kind of candle you’re purchasing, its scent, and even its most significant notes.

Types and kinds of candles worth exploring

Tea light candles are easily recognizable, thanks to their small size and the fact that they are in a small metal container. They are little and tiny, but fear not, for they are powerhouses anyway! They might not last for very long before they burn out, however, they are a great way to add a little light to your space. They’re perfect to create an incredibly intimate and private environment, which is something that your guests are sure to most definitely remember if you end up hosting a seasonal soiree. Because tealight candles are so small, you are very likely to require a large number of them all at once for maximum impact. A taper candle is similar to a decor candle and works wonders if you are looking for candles that are classic and will instantly elevate your space and update any nook and cranny in your home. Like their name suggests these candles are very tall and generally thin, which lends them an incredibly elegant and sophisticated air. They can burn for an incredibly long period of time, which makes them ideal for use when you are likely to not be able to check up on them repeatedly. Since they’re so long they generally require a candle stand and can’t stand alone. The most low-maintenance type of candle is a pot. If you’re purchasing candles online, make sure to check out candle pots. They are very popular because they’re potted and don’t require an additional dish or platter to collect wax in. A candle pot may work as the best option if you want to get rid of keeping an eye on the flame or the hot wax. This type of candle works specifically well in offices, on desks, as decorative pieces in living areas, and just about anywhere that’s more suited to working. These candles come in a glass, pot, or jar. They are poured directly into the container, which means that it remains fixed and intact so you don’t have to worry about the candle popping out or coming loose from the jar. The best part about these kinds of candles is that they are ultra-easy to use since they are ready to be lit from the moment you buy them.

How to correctly take care of a candle

Perfect candle burning requires tact and skill. It’s an art that needs to be cultivated. There are certain candles that need to be lit at certain points in time and sloppy candle maintenance can often do much more harm than good. Bad candle etiquette can lead to weird wicks that end up burning more glass than wax and horrible scents that aren’t timely can ruin a perfect occasion and date. There are some basic rules and guidelines that you must remember at all points in time. Before you burn any kind of candle, always remember to trim the wick. The length of any wick can swiftly cut or extend the life of your candle. Especially when you’re taking into consideration larger or pillar candles, which provide more surface area for spilling, a messy burn, or drifting, a tiny and trimmed wick length will ensure a straighter or more even burn.

Trim it right before you burn it every time you use it and as far as length is concerned, the smaller, the better. You can use a pair of nail clippers or even a small pair of scissors. Frequently trimming your candle will make sure there’s no welling and weird burning. That’s the key to fragrant, long-lasting aroma candles. Many times, ever so often, you just can’t ignore the urge to burn a beautiful, scented candle. However, restraint is occasionally necessary. For example, no matter how sophisticated and proper your candle is, it shouldn’t ever be burnt or lit at the dinner table, especially not unless your entire meal is centred around it. A candlelit dinner will only be as breathtaking as you intend for it to be if you use taper candles or pillars. Always consider the candle’s setting.

In bedrooms and personal spaces, you most certainly want to opt for notes that are symbolic or significant and remind you of someone or something special. If you’re lighting a candle in a living space then opt for scents that are universal and not niche. Think lavender or rose instead of orange or musk. Don’t be in a hurry to blow the candle or quickly extinguish it. When you burn a candle and especially the first time you burn it, you want to burn it for about two hours. This is likely to change based on the size of the candle you’re lighting, of course! The general rule of thumb is to let the entire layer at the top become completely molten. When you do finally extinguish it, don’t blow on it with too much force. Be gentle or use a lid or glass.

Splashes of wax and tilts of wicks are often the result of blowing out a candle with too much force. A snuffer will cut this possibility out of the equation entirely. Make sure you also cover your candle with a lid as there’s nothing worse than extinguishing your candle before you go to bed only to find that your whole room suddenly smells like smoke. A lid will also keep dust and dirt from settling on your candle wax, ensuring longevity and a more even burn.


How do scented candles help my well-being?

It is scientifically proven that scented candles can play an essential role in the physiological effects of mood, stress, working capacity, and overall mental health. The correct scented candle can alleviate stress and chaos, and leave you feeling cool and calm.

What are certain things I need to be mindful of when lighting a candle?

Make sure you light your candle for two hours at one go and don’t extinguish it before that. You should also always cover any candles with lids after use and make sure you trim the wick quite frequently. You should do all this to ensure an even burn and minimal welling.

What candles can I light when I want to host an intimate dinner or date?

If you want to put together a date night or maybe even a romantic dinner or simply light some long candles to spruce up the aesthetic of your space, taper candles are a great option.

Where can I easily purchase scented candles?

On HomeTown, you can find and browse and shop multiple candle pots in a variety of different colours, sizes, and scents, making it easy to choose one for your space that you are sure to love.

What kinds of candles can I choose from?

There are so many types and kinds of candles you can explore. There are all sorts of bases, uses, wicks, and whatnot! In fact, choosing the right candle is no easy task. However, HomeTown’s exquisite range makes it easy and even fun! There are various options you can choose from.

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