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Modern Clocks

By now, we all know how important it is to own a clock in our homes. With most homeowners going in for a contemporary theme for their homes, modern clocks have become the most preferred option when it comes to buying clocks for homes.


Before you choose the right modern clock for your home, there are a few things you should think about, as listed below.

    1. Choose where you are going to hang the clock
    2. The first thing you need to figure out is which room you are going to hang the clock in and the location in the room it would be placed. Most homes have a clock in every room – a modern wall clock for the living and dining room and a modern table clock for bedrooms. Having modern clocks in offices helps keep a tab of meetings and deadlines.

    3. Choose the theme you are going for
    4. Most homes today tend to have a specific theme for the entire house or individual rooms.

      The themes could be based on nature, sport, spirituality, superhero (for your kids’ rooms), or anything else that reflects the personality of the homeowners. Once you decide the specific theme you are going for, you can choose a modern clock that goes with that theme.

    5. Get the size right
    6. Another important factor that many homeowners don’t pay enough attention to is getting a clock of appropriate size, which in turn depends upon the size of the wall it will be hung and the size of the room. A larger wall gives you the space to go for a large modern wall clock whereas a small-sized wall necessitates a small modern clock.

    7. Finalize the shape
    8. With the incredible work of artisans and machines, you are now able to get modern clocks in various shapes. While round or circular modern clocks tend to be the most common and preferred option, people have become bolder with their choices in recent times. It’s no surprise to see someone’s wall adorned with rectangular, oval, square, hexagonal, diamond-shaped modern wall clocks or clocks designed in the shape of birds or some other specific figure.


At HomeTown, you can now choose from a wide range of modern clocks for every style, design and budget category.

Whether you are looking for a classic modern wall clock design, minimalist modern clock design, canvas art clock design, print-based modern clocks, fancy cut modern wall clock, engraved modern wall clock design or mirrored wall clock design, we have the best options for you.


    1. Which room can you hang a modern clock in?
    2. Most people have a modern clock in each of their rooms to help them keep track of time and as part of the home decor. It’s common to see different types of modern clocks in the living room, the master bedroom or the kids’ room and the study, all in the same house.

    3. What are the different materials that modern clocks are made from?
    4. At HomeTown, we offer a modern clock for home which is made from premium quality plastic, wood, iron and metal.

    5. What is the average modern wall clock price?
    6. At HomeTown, we offer modern clocks within a suitable price range starting from Rs. 825 and going up to Rs. 7,000.

    7. What size modern clocks are available on the HomeTown website?
    8. We have modern clocks of different sizes available on the HomeTown website. You can choose a modern clock for homes with varied heights and widths of any space or room.

    9. Are discounts available when you buy a modern wall clock online?
    10. HomeTown offers incredible discounts going up to more than 50 per cent when you buy modern wall clocks online.


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