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Table Accent

A table must always be adorned with a great looking table showpiece or a few stylish table accent pieces. Some of these could have great functional value while others may offer incredible decorative value. A bare table does not really appeal to anyone so having a well-furnished table while ensuring it is not overcrowded or cluttered adds to the charm of your home.

Different strokes for different tables

Depending on whether your table is located in the living room, the bedroom or the study, you can choose different table accent pieces that go along with the setting and mood in each of them.

For your living room, an exquisite table showpiece may add great ornamental value whereas a fancy stationery box will go great on your study table. In your bedroom, which is more personal and private compared to the other rooms in your house, you can opt for something quirkier and more fun that reflects your personal tastes.

It’s also common to have table décor on the tables in your office and workspaces. However, one should be a bit more formal when it comes to choosing tabletop decor for your office. In most cases, offices have a formal environment and dress code, and the table décor should reflect that. For new-age economy companies which often have a younger crowd and quirky décor themselves, there’s a plethora of fun and modern table decoration ideas to choose from.

Factors to keep in mind while choosing a Table Accent

Table accent is picked depending on the specific room (living room, bedroom, study) and the existing décor in that room as mentioned above. Another important factor when it comes to table decoration ideas is whether one wants to choose a table décor that is functional or decorative or a combination of both.

While buying a centre table décor, ensure that the piece you choose is unique and something that is not seen in too many homes so that it leaves your guests impressed.

A table showpiece also makes a great gifting option for close friends and family for important occasions such as marriages, anniversaries, house-warming parties and other milestones.

HomeTown’s collection of Table Accents

HomeTown offers a stunning collection of table décor and table accent pieces that are made from different materials such as Metal, Wood, Bamboo, Ceramic, Marble and Iron.

On our website, you will find tabletop decor starting from 40 mm in height and 40 mm in width and rising all the way up to 440 mm in height and 270 mm in width. Our table accent pieces are also priced to suit all budgets, with our range starting from a few hundred rupees and going up to Rs. 9,000.

And whether you are looking for a table accent that is light or a table centrepiece that weighs several kilos, we have you covered with both those options and everything in between.

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What materials are commonly used to make table accent?

    2. Table accent is made from different materials including metal, wood, bamboo, ceramic, marble and iron.

    3. What are the benefits of buying table décor online?

    4. HomeTown makes it super convenient to browse through our website and buy table decor online rather than visiting multiple stores. We also offer great financing options such as EMI and payment through several payment channels to make it even more convenient for our customers to purchase table accents online.

    5. Are discounts available when you buy table accent on the HomeTown website?

    6. HomeTown offers incredible discounts and deals when you buy table accent. All the latest deals on tabletop decor are listed on the HomeTown website.

    7. Can you exchange the table accent that you have purchased online?

    8. HomeTown’s exchange and returns policy is extremely customer-friendly and lets you exchange items in case they are not what you ordered.

    9. Besides table accent, what other types of home décor items can you purchase at HomeTown?

    10. HomeTown is your one-stop destination for all your furniture and home décor requirements. At HomeTown, you will find everything that you may need for your home or office including figurines, bean bags, wooden almirahs, computer tables, bedside tables, chest of drawers, sofa sets, curtains, serving trolleys, decorative bowls, serving platters, TV cabinets, bookshelves, dining tables, dining chairs, filing cabinets, crockery cabinets, lamps, mattresses, bunk beds and more.

Perks of buying on HomeTown

HomeTown is your one-stop destination for all your home decor requirements. We understand your needs and live up to those expectations. We aim at trimming down your physical need of travelling to the store by ensuring excellent online service and after-sales service. Raining with discounts and offers, HomeTown makes sure you wouldn’t need to bargain to purchase a quality product. Check out HomeTown’s fine selection of elegant home furnishing and decor, stunning modular kitchens, astounding tableware and kitchenware, statement furniture and sleek bathware. Happy browsing!!

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