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Table Lamps

Table lamps have been around for centuries and with each passing year, new designs and styles have emerged. They are a great way to add light to a corner of your room and make your space look chicer at the same time. It’s great to have a table lamp right next to your bedside table to help you with some light at night. When you wake up suddenly in the night because you need to use the washroom or from a nightmare, it’s good to have a table lamp right next to you to provide you with some light at a hands-throw away. These fit in perfectly into a small corner of the room without taking up a whole lot of space and can also be moved from one room to another quite easily.

There are four main types of lighting that table lamps offer: ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, and decorative lighting. Table lamps with ambient lighting provide the light that is bright enough to illuminate the entire room. Task-lighting table lamps are designed for a specific purpose such as reading. Accent table lamps are usually smaller in size as compared to other table lamps and provide ambient lighting. Decorative table lamps focus on enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your room and making your space more visually attractive.

Factors to keep in mind while picking a Table Lamp

While deciding which table lamp to purchase, one must keep in mind several factors including size, design, style, material, colour, price and brand. The purpose of the lamp also plays an important role – whether the lamp is used to provide lighting or as a decorative piece.

The location of the table lamp is also of vital importance. While it’s easy to figure out where to place table lamps for bedroom, when it comes to table lamps for the living room or dining room, the table lamp should be placed so that it draws attention and alleviates the décor of the room but ensuring it does not stick out like a sore thumb in one corner.

You can choose from a wide range of designs from something traditional and classic to something more contemporary and modern, depending on the existing décor of the room.

If you are looking for a table lamp for your bedside table for reading at night, the height of the lamp plays an important role. Bedside lamps ideally should be shaded or have diffusers so that there is not too much bright light that will interfere with your sleep. A table lamp for your study should have a bright light that comes directly from the source and should not have any diffusers.

The bulb in the lamp is another important factor and one must always choose one that matches the requirements specified in the lamp to get the best lighting.

Besides the design of the table lamp, it’s also important to pay attention to the lighting. Lighting is known to have an impact on the mood of people and therefore the room itself. You can choose lighting that is bright and cheerful or one that is dark and gloomy, all depending on what ambience you want to create in your room.

While table lamps are generally used on tables, you can also use these in recessed spaces on your walls, small platforms or other places you feel it may fit in well.

Some other factors to keep in mind include:

Colour: Choose a table lamp that complements the existing colours in the room. Remember to check the lighting and colour when the lamp is lit up as well because the colour of the lampshade will also impact the light in the room.

Height: When you sit next to the table lamp, the bottom of the shade should be at eye level or above. In most cases, you will find this when the bottom of the lampshade is at a height of 55 to 65 inches from the floor.

Weight: Remember not to place a very light table lamp in an area where a lot of people circulate very often. This will make it more prone to tipping over and breaking. You also need to be mindful of how easily accessible it may be for young children in the house, who could mistake the lamp for something to play with.

HomeTown’s exquisite collection of Table Lamps:

HomeTown offers an extensive collection of table lamps that can go with every room in your house. These table lamps are available in traditional as well as contemporary designs and are made from materials such as wood, metal, ceramic, glass, terracotta, brass, steel, and aluminium.

You can find table lamps for all the different rooms in your home, including table lamps for the bedroom and table lamps for the living room, at HomeTown, including:

Bedroom Table Lamps

Your bedroom is your personal safe space in your home so choose a table lamp that fits best with the vibe you want to create in your room. You can go for a traditional wooden table lamp or something more contemporary and stylish. If you like to read, a bedside table lamp is perfect to give you company on those late-night reading binges.

Table Lamps for Living Room

Your living room can get a refurbished and fresh look simply by adding a couple of table lamps in the right places. Go for lamps that complement the existing furniture in your living room and don’t be afraid to experiment with designs to stamp your personality and tastes on the living space.

Dining Table Lamp

For those late-night dinners and parties, a table lamp is the perfect accessory in your dining room and illuminates the evening for your guests.

Office Table Lamp

Don’t neglect your office or workspace. You can place table lamps in your office to help create the perfect setting for your workspace that will help you get by those all-nighters when an important deal or delivery is underway.

Table lamp covers and bases are made from different materials. The metal or wooden base table lamps are much more durable while cotton covers or shades help light pass through more easily and look very pretty as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the ideal size of a table lamp?

    2. The ideal size of a table lamp depends on the size of the table itself. The lamp should be around 1.5 times the height of the table that it is going to be placed on. The diameter should not be wider than the tabletop.

    3. Which table lamp is most suited for a bedside table?

    4. Table lamps that are smaller in height, going up to 30 inches, are ideal for bedside tables as they not only provide sufficient light but also leave enough space for other table décor items such as photo frames, alarm clocks, books and mobile phone stands.

    5. What are the benefits of buying table lamps online?

    6. It is far more convenient to browse through our website from the comfort of your own home and buy table lamps online as compared to physically visiting multiple stores looking for different models. When you buy table lamps online, you can also avail great financing options such as EMI and payment through several payment channels, such as credit cards, debit cards, Internet banking, to make your purchasing experience even more convenient and customer-friendly.

    7. What materials are table lamps made from?

    8. HomeTown offers a wide range of table lamps that are made from wood, metal, ceramic, glass, terracotta, brass, steel, and aluminium.

    9. Are discounts available to those who buy lamps online?

    10. HomeTown offers incredible discounts and deals when you buy decorative lamps online on our website.

    11. Can you exchange table lamps after they have been purchased online?

    12. HomeTown’s exchange and returns policy is extremely customer-friendly and lets you exchange table lamps if you get something that is not what you ordered.

    13. What is the average price of table lamps in India at HomeTown?

    14. At HomeTown, you will find table lamps to suit any budget requirements you may have, with prices starting from a few hundred rupees to a few thousand rupees.

    15. Can I use my table lamp outdoors?

    16. Table lamps are portable and thus can easily be used outdoors as well. Table lamps are a great way to add some extra light to your garden, patio or balcony. In case you want to use this as a permanent lighting solution for an outdoor area, ensure that it is rated safe to be used in damp and wet locations.

    17. Should I buy a modern LED table lamp?

    18. LED lighting has several advantages including a longer lifespan, being more energy-efficient, and usually emitting brighter light. But one must also keep in mind how bright your table lamp should be so that it does not interfere with your sleeping habits. You could also opt for a table lamp with a halogen bulb that provides a warmer glow of light. A review of the table lamp’s lumen output is the best way to figure out how bright the light would be.

    19. Besides table lamps, what other types of home décor items can you purchase at HomeTown?

    20. HomeTown is your one-stop destination for any furniture and decor requirements you may have for your home or office. At HomeTown, you will find everything that you may including idols, figurines, dining sets, study tables, bunk beds, ottomans & pouffes, bean bags, wooden almirahs, wardrobes, mattresses, computer tables, bedside tables, chest of drawers, sofa sets, sofa-cum-beds, curtains, serving trolleys, TV cabinets, bookshelves, dining tables, filing cabinets, lamps, serving platters, serving bowls, and more.

Perks of buying on HomeTown

HomeTown is your one-stop destination for all your home decor requirements. We understand your needs and live up to those expectations. We aim at trimming down your physical need of travelling to the store by ensuring excellent online service and after-sales service. Raining with discounts and offers, HomeTown makes sure you wouldn’t need to bargain to purchase a quality product. Check out HomeTown’s fine selection of elegant home furnishing and decor, stunning modular kitchens, astounding tableware and kitchenware, statement furniture and sleek bathware. Happy browsing!

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