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Wall décor

Dull walls can not only mar the overall beauty of the house but can also create a gloomy atmosphere irrespective of how good your interior is. Instead, using a wall decor is a good idea of highlighting the walls and making it look attractive. You can adopt different wall décor ideas for living rooms and bedrooms. For example, your living room wall decor could be either wall hanging decor or wall decor paintings that blends well with the style of your house. Similarly, for your bedrooms, you can use mirrors as wall décor.

There is no standard style of decorating your walls as it depends on your likes and taste. You could use elegant photo frames or decorative wall mirrors or just some paintings. It could be of wood, plastic, or metal wall decor. Similarly, your home wall decor could be different from your bedroom wall decor. Without any standard rules of wall decoration , you can adorn your walls as you like.

Types of wall decor

There are various types of walls decor that you can experiment with:


If you live in a bungalow with high rising walls, you can hang a long painting at the center of the wall for an aesthetic feel. If the style of your home is a bit contemporary, you can hang modern paintings, like the painting of Halo Buddha or Eiffel tower painting available on Hometown. Similarly, if you have a traditional style of home with intricate furniture and handicrafts, you can opt for wall painting that depicts Taj Mahal or animals, or landscape picked from Hometown. However ensure that the tone and color palette of the paintings match and are color-coordinated with the furniture.


If you are not much inclined towards arts or paintings, you can instead go for mirrors. Wall mirrors are perfect for making your house look spacious and big. It reflects the available space and thus also add beauty to not only your walls but also your home. Wall accents can be used if you prefer minimalistic furniture and open spaces.

Photo frames:

Pictures are the best way to capture your memory forever, and photo frames help keep those moments alive. Photo frames as a wall decor not only adorn the empty walls but also keep the lovely moments of your family always fresh. According to the wall paint and size of the wall, you can explore different patterns and shapes of photo frames. If you have a flight of stairs inside your house, hanging photo frames on its walls, is an excellent way of decorating your home. You can either use a collage of pictures or single photos.

Buy Wall decor online

Once you have ascertained the available space on your walls, you can order wall decor online. Along with different photo frame designs, there are several wall decor stickers available online at reasonable prices. You just need to set your preferences. For example, at Hometown there are many filters like price ranges, discounts, etc. that help you choose a perfect wall décor for your home. At hometown, you can find eye-catching and elegant wall decor items that are durable and beautiful at the same time. Moreover, you can easily get them delivered at your home in no time.

How to choose a wall decor

Though there is no right way of deciding what decor item should go where, some tips can help you select the right item. For example, when you have a classic furniture with wood furniture and vintage texture, you can opt for Cycle Hook iron wall accents from Hometown. Similarly, for a contemporary look, you can go for paintings and round mirrors to accentuate the overall look.

Grab wall decor sale

While exploring the wall decor items, you can grab the items on sale and heavy discounts. Hometown offers wall decor on a discount of up to 60% depending on the product you choose.

Explore more decor items on hometown

At hometown, you can also shop for a diverse variety of clocks to change the look of your bare walls. You can also look for home furnishing and home decor items like curtains and pillows, comforters, and figurines to complete the look.


What does home decor include?

Home decor includes a variety of items like figurines, statues, fountains, vases, clocks, mirrors, wall stickers, wall photo frames, candles, artificial flowers, planters, etc.

What are home decor items?

Products and accessories used to decorate your house is called home decor items. It includes all sorts of wall decor, home furnishing and showpieces like vases, idols, candles, etc.

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