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It is your cozy blanket that puts you off to sleep by wrapping inside its warmth. Embrace it, squeeze it, and cuddle it to submit yourself into the arms of sleep. After a long day at work, the soul yearns for a tranquil sound sleep that one can get only from his/her very own blanket. Spend the winter evenings by cooping inside your favourite blanket and oozing the pent up stress. A sense of comfort beholds you as you push yourself inside the soft, fluffy blankets.

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These blankets are meant for the people with profound love for decorations. They can uplift the style quotient of any home furnishings with their innovative design. Our blankets are created with sharp features and attractive prints alongside unique borders. Their exclusivity lies in their distinct patterns that can be either machine made or crafted by hand. What makes them so enticing are their eye catchy colors, breathtaking patterns, first rate fabrics and exclusive style. The use of this versatile bedding ensemble extends beyond veiling the bed. Our blankets arrive in myriad sizes, shapes and are created by conjoining three layers through stitching. Our bed blankets provide the much needed comfort and visual beauty.

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Blankets are super soft and render an effortless warm feeling as and when put on. These ensembles are best to snuggle up with your loved ones. Watch gleefully as your loved ones eyes light up when you gift them a beautiful blanket with colorful designs printed on it. For the picky people, there’s a lot to explore.

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Double bed blankets mark their presence with their remarkable versatility. They are softly textured and are certainly more breathable. Fleece blankets are surprisingly warm and are excellent for the chilly, winter days. Polyester blankets somehow also impart incredible warmth and are capable of holding more heat. Bed blankets are the lookout ensemble pieces for bedding.

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It’s time to welcome the decorative blankets from the most reputed brand like Living Essence and a lot more at your doorstep. These bedding accessories are offered in plethora of designs and hues to keep you satisfied. We at Hometown stock top quality blankets with modish designs. Enjoy Shopping with us!

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