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What are cushion fillers?

A cushion filler is the stuffing or filling that goes in a cushion cover, giving it a nice, round, and full look. It’s what makes a cushion pillow-like. A filler cushion is one that is stuffed with this very filling and the cover around the same can be changed frequently. The right cushion filler can make or break the way your soft furnishing set-ups look. When you’re choosing a cushion filler, keep in mind size, filling type, and more.

Memory foam cushion fillers

Memory foam cushion fillers are ergonomically designed to make you feel comfortable and soothe and alleviate back or neck problems. They’re crafted to be the best experience and are recommended by doctors or physiotherapists.

Feather cushion fillers

Feather fillers are really soft and fluffy. They’re the perfect, soft and plump option to invest in. Most hotels and paid apartments use these since they’re luxurious and offer a high-end feel.

Cushion fillers online shopping

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