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Filled Cushions

When you think about your living room, the first thing that comes to your mind is the sofa that provides comfort to everyone who sits on it. One thing that will make your sofas look more comfortable is a cushion. Cushions not only help you feel comfortable but can also be used while you feel fidgety or want some extra softness and comfort. This is where filled cushions come into the picture. Filled cushions are soft pillows that you can use to decorate your sofas or provide an extra comfort accessory to your guests or friends. Also, filled cushions offer extra support for the back which avoids the possibility of future back pain and posture issues.

Different Types of Filled Cushions

There are different types of filled cushions and fillings used in a filled cushion. The filling material determines the degree of comfort and softness that the filled cushions can offer. Some of these types in filled cushions that are quite popular in the market are as follows:

Large filled cushions:

The large filled cushions can be installed over a sofa or a bed as per your needs. These cushions come in multiple designs, and colours which apart from providing the required comforts will also make your living room and bedroom look more attractive.

You can buy large filled cushions online on HomeTown at affordable prices. Next important part of any cushion is to know the kind of material used in it. The filling material helps you understand the degree of comfort and softness you can expect from the cushion.

Feather filled cushions:

Feather filled cushions are the softest cushions available in the market and it has been highly demanded by customers for installing it on sofas and beds.

Cotton filled cushions:

Apart from feathers, cotton is also used in manufacturing cotton filled cushions which are no less then feather ones. Cotton filled cushions are much more firm, breathable and long-lasting making it very beneficial for you to buy.

Fibre-filled cushions:

But don’t forget the fibre-filled cushions which manufactured using man-made polyester. These cushions are much more comfortable than the cushions made up of foams.

Availability of Filled Cushion Range on Hometown

At Hometown, you will find a range of filled cushions that can be installed in your living room and bedrooms. It has been stated above that these products are available in many designs, and colours like blue, green, yellow, beige, red, pink, and gold. Following is a list of filled cushion range available under Hometown:


  • Miraya
  • Cotton:

  • Emoticon
  • Polyester:

  • Fiesta
  • Living Essence
  • Fluffy Polyester
  • Velvet:

  • City Velvet
  • Living Essence

Buy Filled Cushion at a Reasonable Price

You can buy multiple types of filled cushions under Hometown at affordable prices. The filled cushion prices are very reasonable at HomeTown and multiple offers make the shopping experience even more exciting and smooth.

Buy Filled Cushions Online From Hometown

Online shopping has changed the overall shopping scenario. Unlike traditional shopping, you don’t have to visit from store to store to get the best products. HomeTown ensures everything you want for you before listing the products online. You can also pay via credit/debit cards which is a great way to make payments simpler and not worry about carrying cash.

Buying filled cushions online is easy. You can go online on the website and check for the buy now button, click on it, check out and the product will reach your door steps in few days.

Check For The Offers On Filled Cushion Sale By Hometown

You will find the best offers on different kinds of filled cushions at regular intervals on Hometown. Plus, there are many seasonal, clearance sale and festive sales that are hosted by HomeTown for additional offers. You can get discounts up to 60% and above on filled cushions.

Now that you are done with the shopping of cushions you must shift your attention towards other products which Hometown showcases. Products like cushion covers, door curtains, window curtains, soap dispensers, bedsheets and many more are available on Hometown.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a Filled Cushion?

While choosing a filled cushion make sure it is of the right size, colour and design which goes along with the sofa.

What materials are used in making Filled Cushion?

The filled cushion is manufactured by using multiple materials like fibre, feathers, polyester, foam and cotton.

What are the different types of Cushion Fillers?

There are various types of cushion fillers which are used daily like microfiber cushion fillers, cotton cushion fillers, and round cushion fillers to name a few.

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