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Mats & Rugs

Your house requires a touch and feel that will turn it into a home. You wake up, slide down the bed and stand every morning on the hard and cold floor, which does not exactly bring out the vibe. A rug made from soft material spread across the floor will help you feel warm all the time plus it feels soft to your feet. A rug is sure to add a unique touch to your interiors and also make you and your visitors feel at home certainly, which is a great way of making someone feel welcomed.

Now that is the interior of your home, what about your door. What if someone is visiting you for the first time and is nervous, or you want to keep the stains away so people don’t litter. You can just put out a nice door mat at the entrance which at HomeTown, are available in so many different designs. A combination of Mat and rugs will ensure a lovely looking interior and a welcoming outdoor vibe to your guests. After all, whether it is a stranger, visitor, or your family everyone wants to feel welcomed where ever they go. You can buy amazing mats and rugs on HomeTown online without worrying about pricing and quality, since HomeTown takes care of those aspects for you.

Different Types of Mats and Rugs for Your Home

There are different types of rugs, mats and carpets that will help you enhance the look and feel of your home. Carpets are the most popular way of doing that. There are many people who use rugs too, which helps you cover a small part of your flooring to signify something. It could be a centre piece of your living room above which there is a centre table. There are bedside runners too. We will mention each one of them below, so you find it easy to make a decision.

Carpets and rugs:

Carpets and rugs are basically the same with one difference and that is, carpets cover your whole room, but rugs are meant to cover only a specific portion. Carpets and rug designs are available in different designs which will work out best for enhancing your interiors. You can also buy carpets and rugs online on HomeTown to get the best deals and affordable pricing.

Bedside rugs:

Bedside rugs are supposed to rest at the foot of your bed. The main reason to have a bedside rug is to give your feet a warm touch and you don’t end up hitting the hard floor while you slide down from the bed in half sleep.

Bedside rug runner:

Bedside rug runner will help you add a modern touch to your beautiful bedroom. All you have to do is pick the right bedside rug runner design and order it online from HomeTown. Once it arrives, just let it down besides your bed and see the magic happen.

Availability of Mats and Rugs range on HomeTown

On HomeTown, you will find a range of mats and rugs which are installed for various purposes in the house. Following is a list of mats and rugs range available under Hometown:


  • Emilia
  • Nora
  • PVC:

  • Fiesta
  • Polyester:

  • Nora
  • Polypropylene:

  • Braided
  • Living Essence
  • Rubber:

  • Living Essence

Get mats and rugs at a reasonable price

You can get multiple varieties of mats and rugs under HomeTown at affordable prices. Thanks to reasonable mats and rugs price and multiple offers you can buy the best mat and rug sets or mats and rugs designs to complement your lovely home.

Buy rugs online from Hometown

You sure seem to have loved the rugs and mats available on HomeTown. If you did, order it online right now from HomeTown before they get sold out. Once you have paid online, HomeTown will deliver your chosen products at your doorstep without compromising with quality. Buying rugs or door mats online is easy, just click some buttons and the product will arrive at your doorsteps. You can buy door mats and rugs online and pay with your credit/debit cards, which is so better than standing at the billing counter.

In case you are confused with regards to the selecting rugs, and door mats through online mode, then not to worry. HomeTown offers services which will guide you in buying the best door mats or rugs for yourself.

Check for the offers on Door Mats, Carpets and Rugs sale by Hometown

You will definitely find some offers on door mats, rugs and carpets every now and then on Hometown. HomeTown offers you discounts ranging from 20% to 60% so you can have an extra price cut to make your budget for the month look smaller.

Now that you are done with the shopping of door mats, carpets and rugs you must shift your focus on other products which Hometown showcases. Products like cushion covers, cushion fillers, door curtains, office chairs, study tables, bedsheets and many more are available on Hometown.

Frequently asked Questions:

What are the different types of Mats & Rugs?

Mats and Rugs are available in many types which can be installed both inside and outside the house. Some of these types are door mats, cabinet mats, sticky mats, car mat, and carpet mats, to name a few.

What materials of Matts & Rugs?

Matts and rugs are available in materials like rubber, cotton, jute and other synthetic fabrics to name a few. Depending on the intended use of matting products, people can choose from any of these matting materials.

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