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Fibre Pillows

A bed with a soft mattress is definitely a snuggly sleeping space; however, fluffy fibre pillows add to comfort. Fibre pillows provide the required support to your head and neck, creating a perfect sleeping environment. Fibre-filled pillows are made from synthetic fibre that gives them the required softness, cushiness, and loftiness. These fibre pillows are available in many types.

The best part about fibre pillows is their lightweight, affordability, and hypoallergenic feature. These are subtle and don't make any clumpy noise as you lay your head down. These versatile fibre pillows are an ideal choice to perfectly suit your sleeping style.

Different Types of Fibre Pillows

Hollow fibre pillows are the most popular ones. There is a hollow space between the fibres that makes the pillow warm, cosy and breathable. At HomeTown, you will find various types of fibre pillows made from different materials. Some of which are:

Polyester fibre pillows:

These pillows provide comfortable head support. The white colour of these pillows will surely add onto your contemporary décor. You will also find options in micro polyester fibre pillows. These pillows possess different patterns engraved on them. You will also find polyester fibre pillows with tiny prints of aloe vera.

Cotton fibre pillows:

Cotton pillows are breathable and hypoallergenic. It keeps your skin cool and absorbs sweat. These pillows, too like polyester fibre pillows, come in white colour that enhances the look your bed. You will also find options in non-woven cotton fibre pillows.

Viscose fibre pillows:

Viscose pillows are hypoallergenic and pressure relieving. These pillows are eco-friendly and super comfortable.

Different Fibre Pillow Range at HomeTown

At HomeTown, you will find a range of fibre pillows that are available in different materials in plain texture or with patterns and prints. Following is a list of fibre pillow range available:

    Cotton Fibre Pillows:

  • Zen Xp Harmony by Tangerine
  • Copper by Tangerine
  • Luxuria Solid by Living Essence
  • Non-woven Cotton Fibre Pillows:

  • Solid Self Design by Living Essence
  • Polyester Fibre Pillows:

  • Featherlite by Living Essence
  • Allergy Guard by Living Essence
  • White Polyester by Living Essence
  • Micro Polyester Fibre Pillows:

  • White Micro Polyester by Living Essence
  • Tranquil by Living Essence
  • Viscose Fibre Pillows:

  • Natura Viscose by Living Essence

Get Affordable Fibre Pillow Prices at HomeTown

At HomeTown, you can buy fibre pillows of different ranges at affordable prices. With several offers on prices, shopping for fibre pillows online becomes beneficial. You can now buy fibre pillows of your choice right within your budget.

Buy Fibre Pillow Online at HomeTown

Online shopping not only brings you the benefit of offers and exciting deals but also keeps you away from the crowd and the trouble of visiting multiple stores. You can choose your desired fibre pillow in less time by browsing through products available at HomeTown with relevant filters.

Save your time from physical store visits and long bill-checkout queues. Buying fibre pillows online is easy, thanks to a few button clicks and your product will be delivered at your doorsteps safely. Moreover, you can pay the bill with different online modes.

Check Out Various Fibre Pillow Deals at HomeTown

HomeTown houses different products and offers massive discounts on most of the products. So, wait no more and grab amazing sale offers and exciting deals on the products you are searching for. For example, you can check the fibre pillow sale, and find that you can avail discounts up to 60% on selected products.

Just like fibre pillows, HomeTown also has a wide collection of other products. These include cushion covers, door curtains, wardrobes, recliners, sofa cum beds, table and floor lamps, classic clocks, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a fibre pillow?

Fibre pillows are made from fibre, offering synthetic alternatives. These pillows are soft, extremely resilient, affordable, hypoallergenic, and comfortable.

How do I choose the right pillow - foam or fibre?

While choosing the right pillow, keep in mind the requirement for your head and neck. Fibre pillows are coolness to sleep as compared to memory foam pillow. So, if you're looking for a pillow that offers comfortable support more than contouring your head or neck, then fibre pillows are for you.

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