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What is a mattress protector?

A mattress protector is also called a mattress cover and it has a fairly simple purpose. It protects or covers a mattress and prevents stains, odours, bacteria, and microorganisms from harming the mattress. Hence, essentially it keeps a mattress clean and fresh, extending its longevity. It is frequently confused with a mattress pad or topper, which adds a thick, soft layer of material for cushioning. A mattress protector is regarded as a necessity since it makes taking care of bedding so much easier and can be removed and washed in just a few minutes.

Protect your mattress with the best mattress protectors

If you are looking to buy mattress protectors online, then it is a good idea to be well versed with the options that lie before you. The options are endless from cotton mattress protectors to waterproof mattress protectors to double mattress protectors. Purchasing these online can be a task because the very many types you’re exposed to can be confusing to navigate. Shopping for mattress protectors need not be a stress-inducing activity. We have put together a quick and easy tell-all:

A fitted sheet mattress protector:

This kind of mattress protector is a lot like a fitted sheet. It is immensely easy to get on and off as it very simply slides on cosily to cover the top and sides of the mattress. Because it is fitted, it doesn’t move around, bunch up, or make you uncomfortable. However, the flat surface that lies on the bed frame is left exposed and isn’t covered, making way for dust and mites. However, these types of mattress covers allow for ultimate ease of usage. One thing to watch out for is their size. Make sure you buy a size that will fit your mattress snugly.

The mattress protector that comes with elastic bands:

This type is a very secure and safe option to invest in. A mattress protector that comes with elastic bands allows for security and durability. It can be placed right on top of a mattress and can be held on and secured with four distinct elastic straps. On all four corners, these are secure and stretchy and fasten the cover to the mattress. However, herein, the sides of the mattress are left exposed. While a mattress protector price is likely to fluctuate based on market trends, this type is usually costly.

An encased mattress protector with a zipper system:

An encased mattress protector with a zipper system has a closure that you can operate with ease. It covers all sides of the mattress completely and provides intense coverage from dust mites, bed bugs and allergens. It is high quality and safe choice to make. However, many times, the cover can be tricky to get on and all and will require a lot of labour to wash and maintain due to this.

A cooling and soothing mattress protector:

This is a mattress protector that allows maximum comfort and keeps you feeling great. It is crafted in rich materials and is a combination of the best technology and design sensibilities. It is painstakingly made in superconductive fabrics and materials or a scientific chemical gel that reduces heat and repels moisture away from the body. These mattress covers are excellent at regulating temperature, so they’re recommended for summer nights or areas with a hot temperature.

A micro-sized mattress protector:

A small and nifty fit, a micro-sized mattress protector is what is suited to a child, infant, or toddler. It can only work for a very small, child-sized bed. Lined with waterproof fabric for hygiene purposes, these are great for anyone that’s looking to ensure their child’s mattress remains clean, fresh, and looked after.

Buy mattress protectors online

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    1. Which type of mattress protector is best?

    2. The best type of mattress protector is one that comfortably fits your mattress and bed and works double duty to provide you comfort and quality. It is also one that isn’t too expensive and is crafted from materials that leave you feeling soothed and keep your mattress fresh and clean.

    3. What is the difference between a mattress protector and a mattress topper?

    4. A mattress topper goes on top of a mattress and serves an aesthetic purpose. It isn’t functional and it is almost meant to serve an entirely different need. A mattress protector goes above and beyond and ensures the cleanliness and safety of your mattress, and keeps it free from dust, mites, insects, and more.

    5. How to choose the best mattress protector?

    6. The best mattress protector is one that is high in quality and comfort. It is ideally the one that is crafted out of materials that are resistant to dust, water, and more. It is also likely to be well priced. When you are choosing a mattress protector make sure to keep the size of your mattress and bed frame in mind and make sure you pick one that allows for a snug fit.

    7. Do mattress protectors affect comfort?

    8. No, not at all! Mattress protectors do not physically affect comfort. However, they are likely to keep your bed clean and fresh, which is likely to in turn provide you with more restful sleep.

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