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For many of us, the joys of parenting begin even before our child is born; right from the time we start building the nursery for them, which later gets turned into their very own kid’s room.

Research has shown that most people’s personalities are quite hardwired during their childhood. So, it is no surprise parents want their kids to grow up in a space that feels safe, comfortable, and relaxing – their own little haven which also contributes to their development and boosts their creativity.

When it comes to kids’ rooms, there is more colors, fun and quirky stuff that parents tend to go for as compared to other rooms – making decorating a kids room a joyful experience for all involved. Bright and funky colors, which are known to have a positive effect on their brain development, boost productivity, and increase creativity, are often used in kids’ rooms.

Utmost care needs to be taken to ensure that the room is safe for kids. While adults may be aware of the dangers of a sharp edge or other electrical wirings, kids tend to be curious from an early age. It is important that a kid’s room does not have furniture that poses any danger or harm to them.

A kid’s room becomes an extension to their playground. Since kids are prone to jumping, climbing, and imitating all sorts of stuff they see on television, it is common to see them turn chairs, tables, dressers, beds, and even shelves into playthings when they are alone or joined by their friends.

While the traditionalists may opt for a blue or pink furniture depending on the child’s gender, today’s parents are more open to mix and match and color contrast the furniture and walls, or use whimsical elements and quirky shapes, to liven up their kids’ rooms.


There are several factors that one must keep in mind when designing your kids’ room; making sure you have a balance between what they like and what is good for them.

Some of the most crucial factors are the child’s age, how much space is available in the room, the number of children using/ sharing the room, and if there is any specific theme that you want to opt for.

Many kids prefer a specific theme, and the options are plenty. Marvel superhero, Disney princess, Lego – take your pick and you can bring a fantasy world to life in a kid’s room.


HomeTown’s extensive kids room furniture collection designed with care and passion to make your child feel comfortable and safe in their rooms. Whether its kids’ beds with storage, bunk beds, study table for kids, bedroom sets, kids’ cupboard, or kids almirah, rest assured you will find what you are looking for at HomeTown.

⮚Kids beds

Sleep is extremely important for the physical and psychological wellbeing of all people, especially kids. It is important for kids’ development that they get the right quantity and quality of sleep, so one must pay attention while choosing kids beds. Kids spend a lot of time on their beds, and you should pick children beds that are physically comfortable for your child as per his/her age. You can also customize your kids beds according to their favorite color with a wide range of options available including black, brown, white, red, blue, and pink shades, among others. Multi-colored children’s beds are also a popular kid’s bed design these days.

At HomeTown, you get a wide range of Single bed for Kids and Bunk beds to suit your specific family requirements.


Kids Wardrobe is an essential item of furniture in their own room. A kid’s wardrobe can be used to organize all their clothes toys, books, and colors in one place. You can choose a 2-door wardrobe, a multi-utility wardrobe, almirah for kids or other options from our kid’s wardrobe designs depending on your specific needs.

⮚Study tables:

Kids spend a lot of their time during their schooling years on their study table. It is important for kids to enjoy the process of learning and have fun while they learn.

⮚Chest of Drawers:

A chest of drawers has several parallel, horizontal drawers that are mostly placed one above the other and used for storage. These are extremely useful for storing your kids’ clothes, books, and toys.

1. What are the several types of furniture that can be used for kid’s rooms?

- The several types of furniture available for kid’s rooms are kids’ single bed, kids’ beds with storage, study tables, children’s wardrobes, children cupboard, boards, storage cabinets, chairs, wall art, picture frames, and wooden almirah for kids.

2. Is it easy to buy kids room furniture online?

- Buying kids bed online, kids wardrobe online and other kids’ furniture online on the HomeTown website is extremely simple. HomeTown has a wide range of kid’s furniture online across different price ranges, materials, storage space, dimensions, mattress sizes, colors, and discounts. HomeTown also offers free delivery and a user-friendly return/ exchange policy, along with several payment/ financing options.

3. What material is used to make kids furniture?

- Kids Furniture is usually made using plywood, MDF and solid wood.

4. Are discounts available on kids’ furniture on the HomeTown website?

- HomeTown offers a range of discounts on children room furniture. These discounts range from 1 percent to 80 percent and are available on our website.

5. How can you keep kids’ furniture clean?

- Having a clean room instills the importance of cleanliness and hygiene to kids from a younger age. Here are some things you can do to ensure kids furniture remains clean: Dust regularly, deep cleaning of furniture, remove stains quickly, get the furniture polished regularly, ensure timely repair and maintenance, and keep it odor-free.


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