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 The Deamy Diaries Find Bed for Bedroom

Choosing a bed can be a hard decision to make. The things to consider before buying a bed vary from your personal preferences to the size of room you have. It is a long term decision to make and as goes the saying "you either spend your life in your shoes or your bed, so it pays to invest in both of them" Let's help you in finding the suitable bed that will fit all your needs.

King Size Beds

King Beds

Do you need your personal space in bed too? Or just like to toss around a lot, changing sides and sleeping on both sides of the bed? Or perhaps, your bedroom is pretty huge and requires a big bed. Then a king bed is your pick! Thumb rule dictates that that mattress size is about 78"X72" which is a lot of space to keep you comfortable for the night.

King Beds come in four different sizes too! Researching a little about
the various sizes will help you make an informed buy.
- Ritika Yadav, Stylist

Queen Beds

Almost a double bed yet it is not. This is the right bed for you if you like a cozy snuggle or if you live alone and like a lot of space. A small room with the need to share a bed can also lead you to buy a queen bed. Generally, the mattress size is 78"X60" which makes it an ideal Choice for apartments and relatively smaller rooms.

King Size Beds

Storage Beds

Storage beds are a practical choice that works for every home and room style. Every size and style of bed can come with storage and meet your needs of arranging your essentials. Storage can be of two types as well, hydraulic and box storage. Depending upon your usage and everyday needs, you can make a decision to buy either style.