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Dinner Plates

Plates are an important part of your crockery and dining table set collection to make your meals special and enjoyable. You can choose from various plate designs to complete your dining table collection. Dinner plates are a good way to serve enjoyable dinner to your guests and friends. You can also diversify your crockery collection with the best dinner plate sets available online at HomeTown. You can go for a dinner plate set of 6 if you stay with an extended family or if you have guests visiting your place regularly.

Different Types of Dinner Plates at HomeTown

You can go for different dinner plates based on your likes and needs. There are dinner plate sets, there are round plates and then there are square dinner plates. You can go for any of them and make your food experience count for sure. There are many reasons to buy one for your home as they add a tinch of elegance and sophistication to your kitchen drawers or to the dining area. If you choose your dinnerware very appropriately, you will see how much you can change the look-and-feel of your room.

Square dinner plates are a great addition to your crockery set. They add a unique touch to your dining area and makes the food look more delicious and the plates are easy to store. They fit well in your kitchen storage cabinets,storage sideboards or drawers, making space for other things too. You can go for white dinner plates to make sure they complement each other well.

Different Materials Used to Make Dinner Plates

You can have various dinner plates that can make the dining table and dining area of your homes look lit and amazing. These dinner plates are made from different materials based on various uses. There are melamine plates, glass dinner plates, and ceramic dinner plates. Each one is going to help you in their own way and add a new and amazing member to your dinner set collection.


Melamine plates are your way to go when you require something that looks elegant, sophisticated and also comparatively less expensive. They make food look delicious and you can find them in several designs. Melamine dinner plates can be a durable option and even a better option than going for plastic plates.


Glass dinner plates can take your parties and get-togethers a step further. Glass dinnerware and tableware have a different appeal when it comes to making an impression on your guests. We all know that serving or getting served with beverages in glass drinkware or plates feels good and make us feel lavish. Glass dinner plates offer elegance and speaks a lot about you while making a good lasting impression on your guests.


Ceramic dinner plates are just in the middle order out of the three. These dinner plates offer durability, elegance, and designs. These plates make sure that your guests enjoy their delightful meals and compliment your dinner set very well.

Choose from the Best Dinner Plate Ranges at HomeTown

HomeTown has different Dinner plate ranges you can choose from online. You can check out some of the best ranges listed below:


  • Mickey
  • Living Essence
  • Persian


  • Corelle Ocean

Get Affordable Dinner Plate Prices at HomeTown

Getting the best dinner plates options online might sound a little difficult, but it is not. At HomeTown, you can find the best dinner plates at affordable prices.

Buy Dinner Plates Online at HomeTown

You can now buy dinner plates online at HomeTown. You can now buy dinner plates online at HomeTown, to get several design options and order them quickly as you like it.

Grab Amazing Discounts at HomeTown

At HomeTown, you have dinner plates for sale at discounted prices. There are clearance sale and festive sale hosted by HomeTown to offer you the best plates under affordable prices. You can have discounts up to 60% on dinner plates.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What different shapes of plates are available on HomeTown?

You can buy dinner plates in different shapes like squared dinner plates and round dinner plates.

What different materials are used in making Plates?

Glass, Ceramic, Melamine, Steel and so on are the different materials used in making plates.

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