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Trays & Platters

When your guests enter the house they would naturally be dehydrated and tired after a long journey and hot weather. Offering a glass of water or cold drink in a tray or platter will surely make them feel welcomed and happy. Trays and platters are designed for offering multiple glasses of water, cold drink and other beverages to your guests in a sophisticated way.

Types of Trays and Platters available on Hometown

If you are looking forward to buying some trays and platters, Hometown is the place to find a good deal and amazing collections. You will find all kinds of trays and platters on Hometown in different shapes, sizes and colours.

Glass Serving Trays:

A glass serving tray can be used for serving a glass of water or beverages to your guests or loved one. You can also use it during a party or get-together to decorate a table with several glasses of hard or soft drinks for the guest. Trays come in handy when you want to serve beverages to the number of people in one go.

Food Serving Trays:

You might want to serve snacks to your guests or get breakfast from the kitchen to the dining table for many people. A food serving tray will help you carry the plates from one place to another so you don’t have to move from kitchen to dining table multiple times. Plus, it looks very respectful and sophisticated when you offer food to your guests.


Platters are an excellent option for serving your starters and appetizers. Platters are supposed to make the presentation of your food in a very unique style. Therefore you will find platters available in different materials and shapes on HomeTown.

Different Materials used to make Trays and Platters

The material of your trays and platters is important as it defines the strength and durability. Different materials like melamine, wood, and glass are used so you can get the benefit of elegance, durability, and strength.


Wooden platters and wooden trays are much more durable than glass platters and can be used regularly. If you are a rough user you would prefer to buy a wooden platter. It also goes well for people who like to have everything eco-friendly in their kitchen.

All these varieties are available in Hometown and you can choose the products as per your requirements.

Availability of Trays and Platters range on Hometown

Hometown is the single point shopping place where you can find a range of tray and platter sets which are used on regular occasions or special occasions like a house party. It has been stated above that these products are available in multiple designs, sizes, and colours. Following is a list of trays and platters range available under Hometown:


  • Corelle
  • Plastic:

  • Oak
  • Wood:

  • LE Square
  • Timber wood:

  • LE English
  • LE Elephant and Horses
  • Vitrelle:

  • Corelle

Buy Trays and Platters at a Reasonable Price

If you are planning to gift a set of tray and platter to your loved ones, consider buying it online from Hometown at affordable prices. Thanks to reasonable trays and platter prices, you can now buy multiple sets without extending your budget.

Buy Trays and Platters Online from Hometown

Make the best decision of buying serving trays and platters for your friends from HomeTown through online modes. There are many benefits of buying through online modes like avoiding a visit to a physical store, surfing through multiple products in less time, avoiding crowds and avoiding the queue for bill payments. Buying serving trays online is easy, just click some buttons and the product will arrive at your doorsteps. Buying trays and platter sets through online modes give you the benefit of using debit/credit card payment options, internet banking and EMI’s.

If you are not sure with regards to selecting among different kinds of serving trays through online mode, then not to worry. HomeTown offers services that will guide you in buying the best tray sets.

Check for the Offers on Trays and Platter for Sale by Hometown

Enjoy the offers on different types of tray and platter sets on Hometown. Along with special offers these products are available on discounts which range from 20% to 60%. This way you can save a lot of money by buying through Hometown. So hurry and get yourself a set of trays and platter before they get the “sold out” tag.

Now that you are done with the shopping of different kinds of trays and platter sets you must now shift your attention towards other products which HomeTown showcases. Products like kitchen linen, mops, dining chairs, sofas, study tables, office tables and many more are available on Hometown.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the different types of Trays and Platters?

Trays are used for carrying food plates and glasses and are available in different types like fast food serving trays, wooden trays, tea serving trays, and plastic serving trays, to name a few.

How are the different materials of Trays and Platters?

Trays and platters are manufactured using different kinds of materials like glass, fiberglass, wood, timber wood, metal and vitrelle.

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